Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bat Fit Track 4- My drugs are arts and crafts~Bunga telur VS Lolipop *with tutorial* (suitable for goodies, doorgifts weddings)

todays challenge: no more stres

Since, our marketing project require us to give out goodies (any fancy treats) for every person in the class, and also I'm kinda stressed out with my crazy PMS, assignments and whatsoever so I've suggested bout the goodies idea to my team mates.  And they agreed (yay!).  Last weekend one of my mates went back home and helped me to get all the stuff needed for this craft project.

Yes! this is a stress reliever and it succeed.

And of course, I did a simple tutorial for every crafty monsters out there.

Want some idea for goodies, weddings etc.

Want it to look something like in these photos???

credits to google

Get you ass down, and have the DIY tutorial here:

(updated entry with completed project photos)

have fun!!!!!!Lollipop Craze

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