Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goddess of Laziness decided to dress up

A good friend of mine gave me this gothic lolita dress costume as my 16th bday present and I'm so glad that it fits..  Thanks a lot for this dress babe and yep, still rocking it people!!!! Pairing up with checkers leggings, I think I'm well costumed for this year..  

I posted this photo on facebook and a bro trying to make me do an age confession because he believes that I'm a 20 year old that trapped in a 14 year old body..  Oh come on!!

Basically today is the horror fest but I'm not going anywhere..  Like I said to my mates, ''I'll be dressing up in costume and sit on the couch watching some shows, snacking like the saddest fat person on earth!''  and I'm proud of that.. 

Apart from that, tomorrow my final exam results will be up online, therefore even Kruger can't destroy my soul as I'm freaking out to the core of my spine..  Hopefully, I'll get a dean this time after so much sufferings, tumbling up and down in college, neglecting my Sims and trying not to punch over juniors complaining how hard their 1st semester is..

Also I had interface a parent logic a few days ago..  Since, I've already completed playing LOTR Lego on my 3ds and told my mom about it..  Of course she didn't see it as interesting as fuck, so a money saving idea came into my head...  It goes like this;

Me: Ma, can u buy me the pokemon X? I'm done with LOTR and now I need pokemon..

Mom: How much is it?

Me: RM140 (in our currency) only..haha 

Mom: Wth?  If you want that Pandora bracelet I can get it for you, but no pokemon!

Me: hahahahaha (I laughed histerically) Ok mom, here's the logic Pandora bracelet will cost you around RM2000++ and pokemon only RM140.  Can't you see how much you can logically save? 

Mom: yeah I know (laughs)...but I'm still not getting you that pokemon thing (continues laughing)

Me: -.-''

Don't worry mom, *10 years later* I'll make your grandchildren to drag you in front of the PC playing GTA..  Muahahahahaha!!!! 

Well, that's all from me, thanks for reading and have a nice day!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Treats: Bullets in the brain


"Bullets In The Brain Elegante''

*because I'm easily disgusted by horrifying looking food*

What you need: 

1)Paper Cups

 2) Chopped Cashews (optional)

3) Dark chocolate bar

4) Milk

5) Chopped Mars Bar (then put in freezer)


1) Roughly chop some cashews and mars bar.  Put them aside.

2) In a pot, add some milk, 2 tea spoons of butter and chocolate.  Stir constantly to avoid inconsistent burn to the melted chocolate.

3) Take the pot out of the stove and add in the chopped cashews.  Stir in well.

 4) Here's a trick, never put the Mars first because the hot melted chocolate will melt it rapidly, put non-melting substances first (raisins, nuts), later on put in the chopped Mars.  

5) Stir carefully to avoid the chocolate coating the caramel to melt..  Remember we need the Mars chunks in the treats.

 6) Put the mixture in the papers cups and refrigerate.

7) In the mean time, melt some white chocolate (samilar technique like I did on the dark chocolate) 

8) Add drops of bloody color (Maroon) in the mixture..

9) Stir well while enjoying the bloody mess

10) Pour the ''blood'' in a piping bag and pipe random strokes, blood drippings, or whatever design that you want.

11) Once done, add some decorations (edible pearls = bullets) to make it fancy

Ps: If you don't like nuts, replace with some other options..

1) MnM's
2) Raisins
3) Frozen berries
4) Marshmallows 
5) Cereals

Be creative!!!

So here's my elegant candy:

Pardon the mess, I was too impatient to nibble on the chocolate..
Thanks for reading!!!!

My other halloween tutorials

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Look: Nymph-Mermaid

Hi guys! Today I'll share my style of doing halloween eye make-up and of course as usual mine will be the most simple and doesn't take that much time to do..  Approximately 5-6 minutes and you are ready to partay!!!!

I got inspired with 3 things for this look:

1) envious - green
2) nymph - green and blue
3) mermaid - blue and purple

so, ombre everybody!!!!

1) Apply some green and make it darker in the inner corner of the eyes, as it going toward to outer crease wipe the excess color with tissue paper to make the green fades.

2) Add some blue and blend with the green to make a dash of teal in the middle of both colors..  Do the same fading effect of the blue.

3) Now the exaggerating part, have fun with you purple shadow (I did cat's eye look, you can do whatever that you want)

4) Since I'm making nymph-mermaid theme, I added shimmer shadow to make it more magical and whimsical and weird.

5) Add a stroke if very fine black liner and mascara and you're done!

with vivid shot effects 

to be more creative and realistic glue on some;

a) glitters
b) diamante embellishments
c) leaves
d) feathers
e) avant garde fake lashes

hope you guys like it!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's going on with me nowadays?

Instead of talking bout games and makeup, today I'll just do a simple update on myself..  Already in the 3rd week of semester break and I hate how time flies so fast..  I mean, I still remember watching a movie 2 weeks ago and now baam! on the 3rd week...  

So, rather than spending my time working, I just stay at home enjoying my holidays and babysitting my cats...Yes, these creeps are getting fatter and fatter each day because we just started giving them proper cat food..

This is my only dude..
I know I know he looks like a girl T.T

And they all kinda look alike because they came from the same ancestry.  Also, we prefer to keep them outside to let them discover stuff and making the females getting fucked by the stray male cats..  

''They said I'm a dude, well fuck you coz I'm a girl!''

 ok enough story of me being the old lonely cat lady

Back to my designing vibe, here are a couple of photos after coloring them..

This design was actually requested by my roomate, and I finally managed to color it.  Not a pro in coloring but as long as people could understand the design then I'm cool.  So basically the dress has peach-pink ombre effect on the back trail and the top part is all about open back and lace.

These are my favs! Inspired by Puteri Gunung Ledang.  I made the traditional javanese outfits to have a modern look and doesn't look ancient that much..  Used some batik and baroque detailing..

Actually I really got nothing to talk about here..wanted to upload vids of my gaming activities, but the internet is horrible...haha that's all from me hope you guys like it

Have a nice day

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Sims 3: Halloween much?

Hi guys!  Are you and your Sims ready for Halloween? It sounds lifeless to celebrate Halloween all by yourself but if it's that what you want, then here I found some great halloween CCs for your sims halloween simstecular party.  All these CCs are done in highly detailed and I love them so much..  These are of course, not mine but I'm highly recommending you guys to get them from the links I've already listed down below and yes, some of them are already I'm my game because I can't wait to edit CAS all my sims to be in the coolest costumes...

Special thanks & Credits to:


8) Top hat 



What would your Sims dress up as? 

A) Maybe just in casual?

B) Diva:

1)  Liza Minelli (page 2)

2) Lady Gaga (page 5) 

G) Steampunk (set)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tarja Turunan Inspired look #2: Cats eyes

I'm very fond of Tarja's makeup because with her face, a single line of eyeliner would make her look dark and goth.  

The problem I have now is that, I need to add more dark colors to look like myself..  Years back when I was younger, I don't really need to add much makeup to look goth, but now I do.  In my opinion, when we get older and older the facial feature aesthetics that we had before will start to diminish so of course we need to get different techniques every now and then...demmit!

And another frustrating thing is that, every time I take a pic of myself, I don't look like a dark cultured person.  And this wasn't my problem when I was younger..  Oh come on!!! I wear dark liner with a dark shade of lipstick and still fail...   It's hard for me to do more makeup tutorial if the camera can't give me good photos :(

Conclusion: blame the camera lulz!

Looking on the bright side, this happens only in photos, and not in real life..
Still rocking it people!!!!

So, back to my inspired look for today, I accidently did another Tarja's inspired look for my eid day celebration...

Source: google

And here's mine in less than 10 minutes

1) Still using Artdeco for the eyes and estee lauder for the lips (link)
2) Sephora sculpting disk for the face

p/s: grey contacts are the best!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Cutest Orcs ever!!!

It was decided!!!!   I bought myself a LEGO LOTR for my 3ds to feed on.  Actually of course I would like to get pokemon Y but my friend said there's some bug happening on the game so, I'll hold on to my patience, let those magical gaming people realease some fixes and then I'll be playing pokemon...   Appoximately mid 2014 where everybody elses already catch em' all and I'll be sitting right in the corner not being able to choose my starter (wait, there's some starters right? haha noob!)

Since, I've just started playing this yesterday, I can't really give the full spec reviews but of course you guys can google it yourself right? 

But I'm highly recommending this game because:

1) One ring to rule them all
2) Don't let your 3ds get wasted with some crappy games
3) Lego orcs are cute 
4) Easy gaming navigation, instructions appear as you play (because I'm too lazy to memorize everything)
5) A cartoon and cuter version of the trilogy
6) Backgroud musics are epic!
7) If you're playing as a character, you can beat others to death and they'll be alive again
8) Lego Saruman is cute
9) Lego Nazguls are adorable
10) Just fucking get it!!!!!!


1) If you don't know how to kill the troll in the dungeon LEGO LOTR

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Laluan Iklan: Glitter Bawals

Kepada akak-akak hijabsters dan ahli shopaholic, disini aku nak bagitau korg boleh beli glitter bawal shawls dgn harga yg murah okay!!!  Walaupon aku x pakai tudung, tapi aku jamin semua cantik-cantik pasai meterial dia bling-bling gitu.  Sangat sesuai untuk pegi dinner, kenduri kawin semua pasai apa??  Pasai bling-bling!!!  Glam sangat sbb x payah nak susah2 diy letak batu2 diamante peluh-peluh iron atas kain tudung, sbb bawal shawls ni mmg dah siap, BLING-BLING!

So, here are the colors available (muntah pelangi plis):

sila click utk gmbar yg jelas, terang dan nyata

Ya, juga aku sgt sokong model ni muka lagi sebijik dgn lisa surihani...

So, what are you guys waiting for?  Grab yours now at RM 25 each (postage included) 

RM 22 (without postage)

Juga ada promotion valid until this Friday (18/10/2013)

1. Buy more than 3, free postage

2. Buy more than 5, free postage with rm20 each

For more info on pricing and purchasing:

Whatsapp: 0122906717

Gaming dilemma...

I have a 3ds xl...

Currently playing animal crossing: new leaf and it's really getting on my nerves...

(oh btw, to any of you noobies that have a hard time to enjoy the animal crossing game, here's the link to the best guide that I found over the internet: )

So, I thought to get a new game...

But having some shitty deciding problems because I don't know which one should I get...

sources: google

HELP ME!!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stupidity causing tragic things to happen...

As the title above, I fucked up when I was ironing my skirt because I assumed that the heat control was at low...and hello to the huge hole that appeared in less than 5 seconds..  

Of course mom had a rage at me but who cares, as long as I can still cover it (its a pario skirt) then, I'm good...  Since it's another eid day for me to celebrate, I managed to successfully get on this skirt the whole day without any traces of ruins....


So, I'm kinda frustrated now because my manic panic still in transit..  I'm not sure what's the cause of delay but totally unable to do much to my hair right now...  Thinking to do relaxing but it's better for me to do the treatment a few days before going back to campus so I'll have a longer period of straight hair over there...  So, I'm stuck in the middle of hair dilemma...

Damn it!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Are you already inspired for Halloween?

Hi people!!  So basically I've been thinking to do something different for Halloween..  Not that I celebrate that much but at least I have a reason to dress up into a certain ''character'' without people screaming ''wtf is wrong with you!!!'' since Halloween here is very rare to celebrate, so does to dress up :(

source: google

An idea came out that I should not be freaky and at the same time I watched a movie titled ''Puteri Gunung Ledang'' translated as the Princess of Mount Ledang where the story (legend) happened in the ancient days.  If you guys google it, you'll find the wikipedia of this movie.  I got inspired by the classic and traditional aesthetics of the princess so I've made a polyvore set layout that might inspire any of you guys that are interested into something traditional like this:

Princess of Mount Ledang

Another crazy shit was, I've already got some accessories at home!  So, WINNING!!!!

YES, that thing with a swirly heart shape is a crown inspired from the ancient-mythical days (referring to the Lord of The Rings).


1) Crown from Diva Accessories
2) Bangles from Diva Accessories
3) Earrings from Blogshop Sparkles in the Fly
4) Bib vintage necklace from flea market (cost me only rm10, I nearly puked in happiness)

So yeah, that's all from me today.  Hope this will inspired you guys for halloween..

Have a nice day!
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