Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sacrificial and Re-birth of Jet Black Lipstick/Tarja Turunen inspired look

HI guys!!!  Sorry for not being able to update any entries for the past weeks..  I was so busy preparing for my final exams and I swear the 5th semester preparations are waaaaayyyy too different than my 1st semester.  I wasn't able to play sims and do any online stuff (except through my android)...

So, the exams are over and now I can do whatever I want especially sleep without thinking of anything..  God! That feels great!

The first thing in my head was getting back to my Anna Sui's jet black lipstick..  Apparently how ''un-goth''  I've been the past few months doesn't affect me at all..  I'm still looking for black and dark cosmetics to make me feel better and at peace..  Unfortunately, the lipstick had this drying texture (no shine at all) and not that smooth to apply on my lips..  Therefore it's time to let go of the original lipstick bullet casing and hello ordinary screw to case...

As usual, I did the same thing like in my vaseline lipstick tutorial:

1) Cut the lipstick and cry inside
2) Melt the lipstick with vaseline
3) Be proud of being able to cut the precious lipstick

I'm sooo keeping this case!!!

And baaam!!!!  Now it shines and smooth and moisturising!!!


My second update really expressing of how bored I was after going through 3 papers and have to study for another one..  I took me lots of make up to get back in the mood..  

Since still having eargasm of Within Temptation's new single so I thought I should try to do Tarja's look especially on the eyes and I know it doesn't look similar at all.  Dammit --''

Scroll down a bit more and I've put the video of the tutorial that I watched..

A train-wreck selfie

Thanks for reading and have a nice day

Oh and it's the month of halloween...

I wonder what should I wear this year

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