Sunday, June 21, 2009



Info on how to prevent H1N1 and more:

Latest news on H1N1 cases in Malaysia:

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Friday, June 19, 2009

A birthday card for my dear fwen

I did this card a few hours ago

For more photos, visit this link:

Actually, one of my best friend's birthday was a loong time ago..Well, 1 week ago actually.. But I don't have time to buy him a present yet.. So, I made him a gothic birthday card but he is not a goth, just as a reminder that the card is from me.. I hope he will like it.. I'm still searching for the right present for him.. Got no idea of what he really wants..

If I give him chocolate, he will eat it and baam!!! It will become human faeces

If I give him a picture frame with our pic, unfortunately we don't have a picture together

If I give him a t-shirt, I might give him the wrong size..

Yeah, I know when you read this you will think I'm a freakin bad friend because I got no idea of what he likes, no pics together and don't know his size..

But believe me, after he resign from being a prefect (1.5 years ago) and having a relationship with a queen control freak girl, we are not that close anymore, but still remain bestfwens.

The thing is, he love his girlfriend and will do what ever she said. He can't even talk with a girl xpecially me..She forbid him to talk to girls.. I heard that his girlfriend is a jealous freak and thought that my bestfriend will like me and ask me to be his "second" girlfriend..

Shit, I'm not that cheap..Just necessarily having a special relationship with someone's boyfriend.
That is stupid..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is the bag that I've done a few weeks ago using my own pattern..Fuhh!!MyEm0.Com Thank god it's done and turned out very well MyEm0.Com
I don't really like this bag.. MyEm0.Com I did it only as a test to my "sew using a sewing machine" skill.. MyEm0.Com I used this bag for only in 3 days and now it's officially belongs to my beloved grandma MyEm0.Com...hahahahaha..  She's totally in love with this bag from the first time I showed it to her MyEm0.Com.. Now she's very excited to have that bag and a very proud owner to the EGL mini tote bag..

For more photos, please go to this link at crafster:

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Monday, June 8, 2009

The coolest wedding ever...

Yesterday, I was googling the wedding pictures of billy martin and I've found this blog that publish the full coverage ao billy and linzi's wedding..I've promised my twin to him the wedding pictures and scene so, now I'm going to put the link here:

but you have to scroll down a lil bit until you find the title Celebrity wedding:Billy Martin and Linzi Williamson...

and if you scroll down more, you can see the phantom of the opera inspired wedding..


I want this kind of theme for my wedding (ahahaha perasan giler)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

W.O.O.C gangbangers crash the mall **UPDATE**

Hari Friday hari tuh, bebudak tuisyen chemistry sumer pegi *ACC sbb nak selebrate farewell party untuk cikgu kesayangan ktorg, Cikgu Rajiah.. Ktorg buat gempak arr kat sane ape lagi... Part yg best cikgu belanja ktorg makan secret recipe and pastu tangkap gambar mcm org giler... Then, ktorg kne sound ngan mak cik guard tuh sbb dia kate ktorg x leh guna digital camera tapi kalo gne camere fon baru boleh... Sebagai alasan, dia kate tkt org tangkap gambar building stucture *ACC tuh.. Tapi pada aku logik tuh x sampai sbb kalo orang yg kat jalan raya pown boleh jer ambik gambar building tuh then publish and buat satu building sebijik dgn *ACC mall tuh..

Aku, Yen2 and Aga share duit belikan bracelet utk cikgu.. Dah la design bracelet tuh gothic giler... Leleh jer aku tgk tapi x per bagi jer kat cikgu so cikgu dpt ingat ktorg sampai bile2..

owh yeah, ni dia link post baru aku kat crafster:
(pandan leaves and rose essentials)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New emo little princess

I'd just found out that there is a new little princess was delivered last week..

I'm sooo damn excited bout this and very proud to announce the Gerard and Lin-Z is a proud parents of baby girl Bandit Lee Way.. She was born on the 27th of May.. Yeeeha!!! I'm sure she will be soooo cute just like her mommy and daddy!!!
Rocker couple Gerard Way and Lyn-Z welcomed a baby girl, Bandit Lee Way, on Wednesday, May 27th his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

"Gerard and Lindsey Way welcomed their first child on May 27. Their daughter, Bandit Lee Way, was born in Los Angeles at 2:57 p.m. and weighs 6 lbs., 5.6 oz. Everyone is healthy and happy."

Gerard, 32, is the singer in band
My Chemical Romance and a comic-book artist. Lyn-Z (given name: Lindsey Ballato) is the bassist for punk band Mindless Self Indulgence.
The couple were married in September 2007. They
announced their pregnancy news in November.
Congratulations to the Ballato-Way family!
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