Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life update 3: A "planner" surprise

Remember that I bought an extra black planner.  

Well I'm making a surprise for my boyfriend.  He was so in love with my planner and I remembered him telling me that he wants one.  So I've decided to get one for him that is way more cheaper than mine, but still would make him feel wonderful like a happy little girl :D

I started with these kinds of page dividers.  
Patterns found on 

And these are the diy planner goodies I made for his planner.  
But I changed the dashboard since it's too big and crappy

The Planner...

Compared to my planner (left)

The front cover.  
I left a blank area in the middle so he can decorate it himself.  
*Aku tak kuasa*

The new dashboard.  Smaller and compact.

Here is where the inserts start...

Rainbow Notes

Monthly layout.

Weekly layout.

The decorations.

I really hope that he would love it.

Cross my finger :D


Update: Already surprised him last night, he likes it hehehe

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Life update 4: My planner supplies/tools | Organizations

To all who wonder how i got with planning, well these are the important tools that I need to have;

1) Blank A5 pre-punched inserts.

I had to buy this because I designed my own templates, so it's quite essential for me to keep on buying the refills that can be used for monthly and weekly layouts, divider pages and extra customized inserts. 

2) Typo "Oh Shit'' Notepad.

Basically I can survive without this but at some point I still have to use it because my weekly boxes are not big enough if I have to many to jot down.  With lots of shit on paper, I know this is a great steal!

3) Single hole puncher & Corner rounder

Trivia; The hole puncher is older than me because it was being used by my grandad during his working days.  A bit rusty but still holds the power to punch.

Nothing much to say, corner rounder makes everything more elegant.

4) Washi tapes

I kept all my washis in this clear case.  I believe it wont fit anymore washis after this -.-''

5) Stickers and more sticker!!!

This mini rainbow accordion folder is a genius invention.  Mini and rainbow.  lol!!!

6) Pens

Currently these are the pens that I'm using for planning and journalling.  
Why are they so adorable?????

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life update 2: Chaos In Motion Showcase | External links for photos

The job tag that I'm so in love with.  
Thank you so much for who had made this real for me.
God bless!

So I was invited and recruited on that day to be one of the supporting media which all I gotta do it enjoy the show and do intense live feed updates on twitter non stop.  And also been proud until because my bros who were in 3 different bands performed on that day and I've never been so amazed by them.

There are a few shots that I had during that day.  My new phone really sucks, I was so pissed! urgh!

Me and the drummer of Murder band also one of my bloddbro.

Souncheck session

Lead singer of Murder, and I took this shot for his girlfriend who can't be there to watch his performance.

Reds from Escape From The Alcatraz

The big boss of the showcase.

My fav boots which still stand still after so many years and a few neglects.

Make up of the day!

More pictures of the showcase:

Find us on instagram with the hashtag: 


Life update 1: Planner stuff | Haul & Unboxing | Planner supplies shop review

Sorry for being away for too long.

So here's what I'm getting into the planning stuff;

-------------PLANNER GOODIES-------------

Includes, lorem ipsum notepads, crown pencil, gold leaf paper clip, bookmarks and journal cards

also i bought this mini binder so I can clip in the previous months entries.

lastly my diy planner charm using my fav pendant and the other half of it is with my best friend. #besties

-------------PLANNER PAGES DECOR-------------

The decors that I managed to make...yay!!!

-----HAUL FROM New Dressing-----

They have the fastest service, got em in less than 3 days.  
Also my items were packed closely and secure

Definitely a whole bunch of planner goodies that I'm so in love with and I can't stop buying so please help me!

-------------UNBOXING FROM CINCAIBUY.COM-------------

Fast service, although have delay due to huge wave of deliveries, my items still arrived in very good condition.  I've shop with them a few times before so far every order I made had safely arrived and secured.


The pink one was ordered by my friend.

And I'm considering to start journaling after seeing this notebook.

Yep, the title of my random journal

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