Thursday, May 30, 2013

*Updated!!* Chocolate chip puddle cookies, I'm sensing my epic fail...

Well hello my crazy eaters!  Today I would like to share to you guys of what I've made last night...

Chocolate Puddle Cookies!!!!!!

(with lots of chocolate chips)

The taste is soo good, it's like candy cookies and seriously I gotta make more!!!  MORE!!!!  I got the tutorial of this recipe from yoyomax12 on youtube and the recipe of this is from and I've put the link below so I'm hoping you guys to check it out and try it yourself...

I swear its GOOOOOOOD!!!

My cookies didn't turn out exactly like in the video because I've cut down the recipe into half and in my defense, the egg whites of 2 eggs from my country do look like they came from 4 eggs so the batter was kinda soggy and I got to bake the cookies in cupcake paper cups just to get it in shape...Also with my terrible cheap oven T_T

Since this is a trial project, I'm quite satisfied with it..  It has low calories since there's no flour used for this recipe and don't worry about the ''too many cups of icing sugar effect'' because icing sugar is less sweet than the usual granulated sugar...

The original recipe is from the link below:


Hello everyone! I'm back to update this entry since I've done my second trial of this recipe...  The batter finally looked like a cookie dough and I shape the into spheres and put them in small paper cups and cut down the baking time...

Still I can't get the chewy part of the cookie but the best part is that they turned into something candy-ish..  not to worry, the taste is still the same and i got a whole jar filled with these treats..

So here's what i did to make them more interesting in taste and appearence...

This is what i called them: 

''Candied Chocolate Puddle Cookies with Diced Strawberry and Cream Filling''

Baju raya harus cari awal2...

Aku dah setel memburu baju raya...  Anda bagaimana?

Haritu cik bonda tnya bila nak beli baju raya, tapi sejak dah tua ni aku malas nak eksited sgt pasal tu, sebab yang harus peluh2 masak nnti aku lah..  nak pakai utk beraya rumah org pon tak jugak sebab rumah aku mmg ramai org datang especially mmber2 aku yg tak cukup kasih sayang ataupon aku penat sangat sampai tido membongkang petang raya nnti..  Jadi tak guna aku bershopping raya tahap melampau...  Masa kecik2 dulu boleh arr skrg ni kasi aku tido lena pon dah cukup raya dah...

Jadi inspirasi raya tahun ni senang je, pi carik mana2 skirt pastu cari bodycon fitted lace dress..  Daaah setel..  Kalau aku meroyan kepanasan, cabut je kain, terus pakai gaya dress sambil menayang bulu kaki...Setel, habis cerita.

Poyo je aku update pasal baju raya padahal puasa pon x habis ganti lagi.

Untitled #53

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Sims 3: How to remove re-spawning zombies?

Hi guys, this is just a short update…I know some of you have major problems with the zombies that keep respawning every 2 seconds eventhough it’s not yet in the full moon phase…so this is what i found out after doing some online research…

Step by step…

1) ctrl+shift+c
2) resetSim 
3) ctrl+shift+c
4) go to the mailbox and shift click at it
5) edit supernatural population
6) remove supernatural
7) click ZOMBIES!!!!!

Then you guys can play happily without the zombies having like a huge community meeting in front of your house gate —”

I don’t know why and how but the cheats works on my game so hopefully it’ll work out for you guys too!!!

Happy simming!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

They made me go out....

These pictures above explains what most interesting stuff I did with my friends...  

Went to karaoke with my weird buddies...

I shall say that we are the weird karaoke gang, since the 4 of us can really rocking mic although we sounded like retarded kids..  Not to mention that one of us sang this old school weed song..

That concludes the story of our lives...

Avril lavigne song moment, when you're gone

And today, my lovely concert partner gathered some of us (school mates) for a sweet-gossiping lunch...

My favourite face, the crooked humiliating expression...

Naaah, I'm not humiliated by this talent hahaha!

Me and lady zaza, the most forever alone same make-up taste and the most important part is we are the Simsstres..  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our day to celebrate! WGD

Hello my dearest darklings!!  This year I'm not gonna do anything for WGD, but just sit back and relax watching TV and continuing my lifeless intensive Simming (I might throw a party in the game because virtual party is easier! I know it's pathetic...)

Now I'm just sitting in front of my computer with black tshirt, black vampire skirt and wearing my first ever goth necklace...

So, lets forget my boring life, ignore me and get the hell out of this blog to go out for partaaayy!!!!

I'm wishing you all a great WGD and have a nice day :D

Thanks for reading..

Now get out and get yourself a life!!!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Play games they said, it's fun they said #Sims3

I had a sudden realization that I'm finally having this gamer brain effect..  I only play sims 3, and now I'm currently anti-social and never ever getting out of the house..  And the sad part is, even my sims has a better social life than mine -.-''

So this is how I shall explain my addiction;

Wanting some prove?

I'm a witch in the sims 3 supernatural and my hobby is burning the asses of zombies

It was the best time of my life 

If you look at the photo below (left), it's actually Ralph Lauren's dress that I've seen a long time ago...  My first thought was, ''this is a fucking awesome dress ever!''......

And I found one for my sims!


I can sense that you guys are like crazy to get that dress..

Here's the link for the sim's dress, thanks so much for this Meronin

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My fruit tart recipe

Hello peeps!  Yesterday I made a simple non-baked fruit tart since I've bought like a bunch of kiwis, blueberries and strawberries..

So today, I'm gonna share my recipe to all of you :D 


The crust:
1) Marie biscuit crumbs
2) Strawberry oatmeal cookie crumbs
3) Brown sugar
4) Butter

I didn't have the exact measurement because different sizes of the pie tray need different amount of ingredient, so I suggest you guys to use 1:1 ratio for the mixture of the crumbs, 

for example;

1 cup of Marie crumbs : 1 cup of strawberry oatmeal crumbs

I prefer to use the brown sugar because it's flavor is better than the regular sugar so I suggest to add only 1/4 cup to the crumb mixture because we don't want the bottom to be sweet.  I've added the brown sugar only for flavoring purpose..

Wisk together the first 3 ingredients before adding up the butter

After getting tired of wisking (haha!), add the butter but not exceeding 1 stick of butter.  Since this is non bake tart, if you add too much butter the crust will be soggy and oily so I suggest to cut the butter into half first, mix together with the ingredients then add bit by bit until you get something like a cookie dough consistency...

After that, massage the dough for 5-10 minutes then put it in the pie tray and flatten it out according to the shape of the tray..

Pop it in the freezer to cool and harden...

The sauce:
1) 12-15 Strawberries
2) 1/4 cups of boiled water
3) Brown sugar

Ok for the strawberry sauce, I've used around 15 huge strawberries.  2/3 of them (plus the 1/4 cup of water) I've pureed in the food processor and the excess I've cut into small dice..

Heat up the pan and pour the strawberry puree and the diced strawberries together and let them boil.  I didn't measure the amount of brown sugar, just added them bit by bit to the sauce until you want the exact  sweetness..

Some strawberries are naturally sweet, so just add the amount of brown sugar that you need..

When the sauce is done, take of the crust from the freezer and pour in the sauce, spread them nicely, then put back in the freezer...

1) Blueberries
2) 1-2 golden kiwis
3) whip cream

Like in the picture, I only spread the whipped cream in the middle because I don't want the tart to be so creamy.. 

The fruits used are optional..  I've used blueberries because they are not that sour and not too sweet and the kiwis are not that sweet either, so it will balance the taste of the strawberry sauce

aaaannnnddd you're done!!!

So hope you guys like this tutorial, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask :D

Have a nice day and thanks for reading

Monday, May 13, 2013

Trust me, I'm an engineer =.= #vlog

Good day guys!! I just finished uploading my second vlog on here it is and I hope the quality is good enough for you guys to watch...

And here's the end result!

Like I said, I'm just being practical

Trust me, I'm an engineer...


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sims 3: Did my syn gates turned into edward cullen?

Last week my friend came to my house and he brought his collection of the sims 3 expansion.  The only thing that running through my minds was the supernatural expansion..  Just a thought, I wanna make fairy babies!!!! awww yeah!!!  But as a failure, I had 3 vampire kid and manage to turned one into a fairy by using cheats..

 Did I mentioned that a werewolf died during my wedding??  I should have never invited that old dying bastard 

 But we manage to get married..  Yay!!!

This is my 3rd kid that I turned into a fairy...  Aren't you jelly of the crib?

Happy playing and have a nice day :D

Friday, May 3, 2013

As a goth, I sometimes need my cupcake moment too

Hey all! So I just bought 3 new colors for my nail polish collection..  I went to the cosmetics store few days ago and without thinking I just grab 3 of them

They were totally cheap, and as a poor me, I was damn happy!

Awww yeah!

From left: Opaque white, pearly pink and crazy glitter funky blue-purple

As you guys would know I don't really like pink but this pearly color is just a major exception..  It makes your nails look pinkish (duhh!) and healthy also act as the best natural base color..

Then I went crazy..

2 coats of white
2 coats of pink
2 coats of the chunky glitters

Aaaaand Baaam!

The ugliest cupcake nails ever!

Well, gimme a break I'm no professional, I just do stuff without thinking but I still love my nails though..  They looked kinda delish..

God damn it! Now I'm hungry

Accio Food!

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