Saturday, January 30, 2016

Home Improvement | Bat Cave #1

So basically I moved out from my old room to a new space.

It was A LOT of work since you live with hoarders. 

I had a whole week of tumbling emotions because I need to clean up the stuff that they collected. 

Eg. Paperbags...paperbags everywhere...

Also I DIY-ed most of my decors

1) Candle Tray

So I found this metal tray and gotta freaking ruin it!

Black paint it is!!!

The outcome.  
I've added essence of gold at the rim to make it look like and old vintage piece.
Candle and used glitter washi tape.  
Yes the tape was on something else, threw it away and reused the tape.
I'm that cheap! ahahahaha

 2) Vanity table revamp + fairy lights.

This area was suppose to be my vanity area but had to share with my work table because the other table in the room is not ready yet.  
How it looks before...

Went to Kaison and found this.
I swear it felt like Christmas for the whole week.

Command hooks are da-bomb guys!!!  

More Christmas feeling...

This actually would make a cute floor light...

I also DIYed the magnetic board with more washi tapes and believe it or not, those skull hangings actually are more than 6 years of age.  
I bought them during my baby bat days and finally able to used it when I'm 23.  
God!!! I feel old!

Currently I'm using 2 planner which I use Kikki K for personal stuff and the binder for work stuff.

Upcoming DIYs

 I'm preparing a walk-in Goth closet in my very small room.

Gonna need black spray paint for this

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lakes and Snadders Announcement | Feb 2016 Shows

Check out my interview with them here;

Check out their single "Fragment"
Check out their 2nd single "Now I Claim Your Sun"
#wearelns #lakesandsnadders #nicysun #fragment
Be please to listen, hear and watch us on our social media :

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sometimes its hard...

Sometimes its hard...
To go through things alone
To fight alone
To tell yourself that everything is okay
To make people understands you
To make sure that you will be fine
To tell yourself nothing is wrong
To not to cry

Only for some time...
Other times you're gonna be alright.
Trust me :)

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Lakes & Snadders - Alysa ( The Last Hope ) | New Single 2016

Lakes & Snadders Official Website:

Alysa (The Last Hope)

Commenced the destined day
Ripped apart,the endless sky
Vast hollow fill the lands
What have we done

And you thought
you could escape
No wretched plans
How wrong you were
What have we done

Mistakes written in yourself
no worthy to protect
So there who not to be much to say now!

I am the man to claim his soul
The only one that ever knew
The darkend veins now connect the earth

stand back drop your knees and pray
While we still have the time
And wait for them to come again
And take me away

I am the man to save the world
So God please stand with the deserved
Vest thy powers into me
I purify what's left of shit

I am the man to claim his soul
The only one that ever knew
The darkend veins now connect the earth

stand back drop your knees and pray
While we still have the time
And wait for them to come again
And take me away

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Recap: Best of 2015 | Welcome 2016!!!

Hello everyone!!! 

Yes finally I have a little amount of time to ramble everything I managed to get in 2015.  By the way, Happy New Year!!!  And again, I'm never excited about it.  I'm going into adulthood, everyone's getting married, I need to get a job.  All I wanted is to be a 5 year old child.

So a month ago. I went to Aussie with my classmates.  Found an alternative store and managed to get my very own Bephomet for 45 dollars.  It's goddamn expensive but what the hell, I was on vacation.

Also got myself a Kikki K cute diary.  Just to have a feeling of using Kikki K, so I spent a few bucks to get the Xmas gift set that was luckily on sale.  

But now I kinda regret it, because I missed my custom diy planner and also found a Typo planner which was far more crazy with it's wildly neon inserts design.  

Urghh never mind, I bought the Typo and try to find some alternative of using it.  


2 weeks later, I was called upon again to join and do a media cover for another showcase.

When your lipstick was on point!

Here's my tag for the day...

This is what I managed to snap...  
I was busy doing a whole lot interesting job.  
I had to do a backstage interview for all of the bands.  
But actually most of them because it's getting dark and mom going shit crazy forced me to go back -.-

My best friend of the day.  I never thought that I had to be in the video also, so I was actually not prepared.  Well, shit but I made it!  
Those boys were cool enough for me to be cool during each sessions.


My boyfriend had to be a doll and gave me this tshirt.  
So I made a meme out of it

 RIP Goth Boots

Hello new Goth Boots (left), on the right is mom's.

Went to my course dinner and bump into my boys who were actually performing that night.  
Had a blast with them.

Had a blast but was not really enjoying myself because my bf had a terrible fever and I was worried sick that night.  The night before was a lot worse.  
Sumpah risau giler lah shaitonnn!!!


 As for hobbies, I rekindled the child in me by having these colouring books.  
Get a colouring book they said,
Very relaxing they said..
Goddamn tiring!

 I cleared up my ring-binder planner, and compiled all the memories of 2015 into a special gallery.  I think I should do that every year...

 I've lost a lot of myself this year, so to be back as to the original me, I'm gonna start to rearrange my clothes and hang them one by one and wear more black...

 -2015 was not all bullshit-

2015 was all bullshit for me.

Lost my little baby boy (a cat not a child), strings of PTSDs, unwanted heartbreak. 
God took little pieces of me and in return He gave me something more to be greatful of... 
He gave me everything... 

-My family who made me go shit crazy everyday.

-Got free Avenged Sevenfold tickets.

-The Sundals who bitched out together.

-My Intels who saved my life with great information.

-Brothers and Protectors who gave me strength to end my misery and move on with my life.

-Metalheads who turned into good friends and families.

-A music video.

-Positioned as Publicist and Supporting Media.

-Fell in love with my best friend.

-Hung out with Tuanku in Melbourne.

 ...and etc.

Enough said, 

2015 was not all bullshit.

Thank you all for making my year awesome and fun!!! 


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