Saturday, January 30, 2016

Home Improvement | Bat Cave #1

So basically I moved out from my old room to a new space.

It was A LOT of work since you live with hoarders. 

I had a whole week of tumbling emotions because I need to clean up the stuff that they collected. 

Eg. Paperbags...paperbags everywhere...

Also I DIY-ed most of my decors

1) Candle Tray

So I found this metal tray and gotta freaking ruin it!

Black paint it is!!!

The outcome.  
I've added essence of gold at the rim to make it look like and old vintage piece.
Candle and used glitter washi tape.  
Yes the tape was on something else, threw it away and reused the tape.
I'm that cheap! ahahahaha

 2) Vanity table revamp + fairy lights.

This area was suppose to be my vanity area but had to share with my work table because the other table in the room is not ready yet.  
How it looks before...

Went to Kaison and found this.
I swear it felt like Christmas for the whole week.

Command hooks are da-bomb guys!!!  

More Christmas feeling...

This actually would make a cute floor light...

I also DIYed the magnetic board with more washi tapes and believe it or not, those skull hangings actually are more than 6 years of age.  
I bought them during my baby bat days and finally able to used it when I'm 23.  
God!!! I feel old!

Currently I'm using 2 planner which I use Kikki K for personal stuff and the binder for work stuff.

Upcoming DIYs

 I'm preparing a walk-in Goth closet in my very small room.

Gonna need black spray paint for this

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Jacob Biscuit said...

Hey! May I know how much is the fairy lights?? Thank You! :)

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