Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ultimate epicness! Within temptation feat. Tarja- Paradise (What about us?)

OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!

I felt like crying!!!

Freaking epic!!!


ok I'm gona look out for the lyrics now!!!!!

Just found the lyrics!!!

There’s no sense, the fire burns
When wisdom fails it changes all
The wheel embodies all that keeps on turning

Blood red skies, I feel so cold
No innocence, we play our role
The wheel embodies all where are we going

All in all you’d expect the wise to be wiser
Fallen from grace
All and all I guess
We should have known better, ’cause…

What about us?
Isn’t it enough,
No we’re not in Paradise

This is who we are
This is what we got
No, this is not our Paradise

But it’s all we want,
And all that we’re fighting for
Though it’s not paradise

You and us, or I and them
There comes a time to take a stand
The wheel is watching all, it keeps on burning

The venom works, it’s like a curse
A Trojan horse, when will we learn?
The wheel embodies all, that keeá¹—s returning

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pencil work 2: Maxi Kaftan Line

*A touch from an amateur designer twig*

I'm not a big fan of kaftan or maxis but you know some sort of crazy brain of mine was like ''heyy twig bitch, why don't you design the stuff that you don't like the most?''...  Ok so I tried, and the best motivation was,

''if you don't like something, turn it into something that you will possibly like.''

So challenge accepted!!

And challenge completed 80%..

So here's my progress...  I've designed simple-non-elaborated kaftan maxis from the front view but you guys know my style, that is to exaggerate the most at the back  part of the dress...  As in my observation, the front part only give minimal impact but as people see the ''amazing'' back of the dress, they will remember it for a longer period.  And I love open back dresses because they look more mysterious...

Yesterday, one of my seniors contacted me to make a dress for her solemnization/wedding but they haven't set any date yet.  So we've discussed about the dress and I'll sketch it as soon as I've finished my tests..  Yup 4 tests for the whole week and the next week is my final exam..  I feel like hell right now..  

So, she wanted a simple dress but it must have elaborated neck-to-shoulder details and the only things that I can imagine is to scatter it with ombre sequins and diamante gradient.   She wanted lace but lace on shoulder will make it too bulky since she'll wear the dress with a head scarf.  

But we'll see how I'll managed the design...

Ok enough chat, here's my 2 favs...

p/s: yes, I covered my signature with a crown.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pencil Work 1: Bridal Fashion Sketch

Hey peeps!  So, I've started to design fashion all over again after for so long letting go of my passion.  But I got a wake up call to just follow my dreams, and who knows some young or professional designers might consider about my artwork..right??  hahahahaah

*just keep dreaming, dreaming, dreaming*

So here's my first sketch after 6 years.  A wedding gown for my roomate. 

From the front view,  I did some traditional aesthetic of ''kurung'' dress with a lil' high in the neck area.  
Back view is a bit modern, elegant but added with sexy touch with the bareback cut-out.  Also drew some trail for a more dramatic look..

*flash update*

here's the chosen 5 designs for today's pencil workout artwork :)

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beauty haul: Artdeco & Estee Lauder

Hey guys! I'm back with another beauty haul..  So basically I just bought some stuff that I've been searching for the right color for a very long time and before this only found the nearest color at its best.  

The color that I want 

A few days back I went to SaSa (our local beauty boutique) and found a section of new makeup brand which is ARTDECO.  I've never heard about ARTDECO before but after smudging some tester colors, I'm very impressed with their brand.  I did some research, found out this product is from Germany and so as I thought before because most of German cosmetics are very highly pigmented, even a single stroke can make people see your envy green eyeshadow from 3 kilometers away hahaha..

Since I'm only looking for eyeliner shade which is specifically the color that is suitable for me is highly pigmented dark grey mocha with glitters eyeshadow (my eyes never gonna suit with any ready-made eyeliner products --''), so now I'm a happy goth because finally found the colors that I want..  Like before, this particular color only came from the brand called In2it (but I can't find the product anywhere :(  ).  So ARTDECO really saves my eyes!  

Hmmmm what should I say more???  Ahah!

The Price!!!

Ok, at first I tought it's quite pricey since each color costs me RM19.90.  But once I tried it on, then it's no more arguement on the price..  Based on the quality, it's very affordable because of its high pigmented characteristics.  Although the container is very cute and tiny but the powder pigment is very tightly compressed and you don't need many strokes to get the powder on you brush so does on your skin..

Seriously this product is freaking awesome!

So don't worry about the price!

With flash

Without flash

The colors only came in refill pack in small rectangles but it does has tight covers, so no worries if you don't wanna get the magnetic mirrored container (sold separately)..  But if you get more than one color, I would recommend you to get the container, unless if you prefer to diy your very own pallette.

So, here's how the color looks on me:

without flash

with flash


Not in a million years I imagined I would use ESTEE LAUDER products on me because of the currency, this brand is kinda pricey in my country.  But, challenge accepted!  Just paid rm90 without thinking for this color..  Why?  Because this is the most suitable color for a goth like me and this color cannot be found in the local brands or the ones that are less price..  So, hurray for me again!!!!  *Now have to save more to get new Nintendo games T.T*

I just love the elegant designed case.  

This is how it looks like..  The color is spice cocoa if I'm not mistaken (i'm too lazy to get out of bed just to read the label on my lipstick).. 
*If I'm wrong about the color please correct me, thanks*

So I've searched online, and this is the link that you can refer to:

So, the color is of course very vivid.  Which I really love about it.  Very highly recommended for its highly pigmented effect.  

  This lipstick needs me to do extra job just to minimalize my natural chapped lines.  But in this case it's not the fault of the product (my lips do this to other lipsticks too --'').  My mom already used this and its fine on her.

So, what I was thinking is that, whether:

Option 1: Apply moisturizing lipbalm/vaseline on the lips before applying the lipstick
Option 2: Without guilt, cut the lipstick, melt it and mix with a little scoop of vaseline

Unfortunately I have lots of guilt on a rm90 lipstick hahahahaha! 

Well, I tried both eyeshadow and lipstick for our student event last week, and this is how they match me really well...

A Confession of a Goth-Arabic-makeup artist-wannabe 

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mak cik, mmg syok kan bikin gua bakar -.-''

Kelmarin, gua pegi kenduri raya..  Gua stay smpai habis kenduri sbb nak tolong kemas-kemas semua, sbb ni event student jugak kiranya.  Ok makanan dlm tray bnyk extra dan gua mmg x nak bungkus apa2 sbb gua tau kalo gua amik sure ada terbuang punyalah kan, jadi yg lain nak amik la lebih2 tu sapa2 pi sedekahlah kat org2 kat taman perumahan tu..

Masa tu ramai member2 gua dan makcik2 sedang pack makanan nak bawak balik, gua berdiri je lah kat tepi tu x wat pape..Skali ada sorg mak cik ni tanya gua;

Makcik: Ni x nak bungkus bwk balik ke?

Gua: eh x pe lah mak cik, sye x nak..

Makcik: betul x nak? jaga badan ke?

Gua: hehe x de lah *gua senyum*

Makcik: *sarcastically secara mendalam tambah ketidakpuashatian* hmm rugi muda-muda jaga badan.

Gua: o.o


Motif kau makcik?? Mohon penjelasan ke telinga gua pliss...

Kau dah kenapa makcik?  Terbakar telinga gua masa tu.  Dalam hati gua, suka hati la nak bwk balik bungkus ke tak, bukan gua serumah dgn kau pon nak share makanan yg gua bawak balik..  Lagipon kalo gua bwk balik mmg gerenti x termakan punya, nak bagi kucing pon mcm lah anak2 marimar tu nak makan lemang..  Balik2 membazir jugak terbuang mcm tu aje..  Lain la kau bagi aku 3 ketul chicken chop boleh la aku bawak balik kongsi seketul sekor dgn kucing kat sini mak cik ooooiii!  Pundek.

And lagi satu, gua mmg dah jemu dok telan lemang je, tapi x kan gua nak ckp ''saya dah jemu la makcik nak mkn lemang''..  Hamboi tinggi plak kelas gua, tu mmg rude lah gua nak ckp mcm tu.. 

Gua x ckp pape, gua balik plak yang kena..  Apesal la dgn org2 mcm ni..  Untung gua x keluar fakta kesihatan kat situ jugak..

Kalo betol gua jaga badan, apa salahnya..  Habis tu zaman muda ni kau nak suroh gua telan segala benda makanan.  Sebab alasan apa?  Sebab gua muda??  Hello makcik, gua dah buat reseach ok..  Budak2 dari kecik kita kene ajar dia makan secara betol, barulah bila dia besar, x de dapat efek obesiti semua tu..  Memang kita sepatutnya jaga badan dan makanan dari kecik ok makcik..

So what kalo gua jaga badan, mulut kau jugak dok menelan macam2 bukan mulut gua.  Lagipon mmg kene jaga dari sekarang, so bila gua dah kawin dah beranak 5-6 orang, x de la gua mcm tong terketai-ketai nak pegi excersize sana sini nak kasi turun banyak kilo..  Train cara pemakanan dari sekarang so, you can be healthy later on..

Remember: You are what you eat.

Hish tak paham gua dgn pemikiran org mcm ni..  Ni belom gua masuk faktor pembaziran lagi, kang mmg gua bukak ceramah ustazah semanis kurma jugak kat sini..

Geram gua dgn makcik ni..  Nak perli2 gua pulak, kalo gua perli balik sure kene cop kurang ajar, celupar...

Sekarang cakap sama gua sapa yg kurang ajar the first place?

Kau tua ke, kau muda ke....kalau kau x de perasaan respect kat keputusan org lain jgn harap aku nak respect kau.

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