Thursday, August 13, 2009

Al-Fatihah kepada allahyarham ustaz asri..

Tadi aku tgk kat tv ader berita x baik punyer.. Ustaz Asri penyanyi utama group nasyid Rabbani dah kembali ke rahmatullah pagi tadi.. Innalillah...

Mari lah kite mendoakan semoga roh nya ditempatkan dengan orang2 yang soleh.. Al-Fatihah..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My imaginary bedroom style

These interior design for gothic style bedrooms are amazing.. I got it most from the sims fan and website where they can create and design their own interior.. Eventhough gothic usually be dark but for the bedroom it need to bee more soothing and a lil bit soft so that we can sleep in comfort..

Here are some ideas that I think it's soo damn awesome, hope one day one of it will be my room!!

I love the bed frame

This is more glamorous goth


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The skirt of glam gothica

I've made this skirt last week and didn't use any pattern.. The dress form me and my mum did with the help of my mum.. It's not soo great but it really is my size.. I'm quite flat so the boob part is not so "to be seen"

For more info:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday gathering organized by Maru..

Last Saturday, I celebrate my birthday at the mall.. My best friend plan the gathering for me so I just living my life.. Arina, Faisal, Aqeel, Sideswipe and Bones didn't come because they got sumthing (having fever, death, aunt's house and etc) I was a lil' bit dissapointed but still happy coz my other friends came for me.. Yay!!!

The presents are awesome, Maru gave me a loli goth dress, sharif gave me 10 bucks, yen gave me a clutch and a skull necklace..

I got a yoga mat from my mum coz I was sooo desprate with the mat and did'nt money to buy it, so I was like "ma!! can you belanja me, ala as my birthday present.."

and she was like "ahuh"

and now she's using the mat..funny!!!


Me and my friends


Stop showing of the box!!

Let's hear this song
mother earth-within temptations

Mother Earth Lyrics
Artist(Band):Within Temptation

Birds and butterflies
Rivers and mountains she creates
But you'll never know
The next move she'll make
You can try
But it is useless to ask why
Cannot control her
She goes her own way

She rules until the end of time
She gives and she takes
She rules until the end of time
She goes her way

With every breath
And all the choices that we make
We are only passing through on her way
I find my strength
Believing that their souls live on
Until the end of time
I'll carry them with me

she rules until the end of time
she gives and she takes
she rules until the end of time
she goes her way

Once you will know my dear
You dont have to fear
A new beginning
Always starts at the end
Once you will know my dear
You dont have to fear ...
Until the end of time x3
She goes her way

she rules until the end of time
she gives and she takes
she rules until the end of time
until the end of time
until the end of time
she goes her way.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A special birthday present from Mokk

Pagi tadi time tido aku dapat mimpi baek punyer.. Aku termimpi pasal arwah kucing aku, Mokk.. Alah kucing aku yang kaler hitam yang goth2 tuh.. Time tuh aku terkezut giler dowh tetiba kucing aku tuh balik dtg kat aku.. Time tuh Mokk gebu giler bulu dia plak mcm da kne make over dowh.. Sumpah lawa giler dowh..

Aku rase kan Allah bagi aku mimpi tuh as a birthday present untuk aku la sbb aku terlalu rindu giler kat Mokk.. Ye la Mokk tuh kucing yang paling baik pernah aku jumpa beb.. Mmg mulia giler arr kucing tuh.. Sampai dia mati pown sorok2 sbb tuh aku x jumpa dia sampai sekarang.. Kira nyer gone with the wind la.. Dapat tgk dia dlm mimpi pown cukup la at least dapat jumpa gak ngan dia.. Hehehehe

I will always love you!!!
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