Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The skirt of glam gothica

I've made this skirt last week and didn't use any pattern.. The dress form me and my mum did with the help of my mum.. It's not soo great but it really is my size.. I'm quite flat so the boob part is not so "to be seen"

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e said...

hey! i saw your skirt over at the craftster forums and wanted to know what kind of machine you're using (i'm contemplating adding a serger alongside my regular but wanted to feel out what other people use, what their opinions are, etc...)

beautiful piece by the way...and i love your diy dress form...maybe i could grill you on that technique another day. =)

gothicvamp said...

hello!! thanxx 4 your comment!!

i use the brand singer but i forgot what model it is..sorry for that..SINGER sewing machine is the best for sewing stuff..seriously..

the dress form, I've used duct tape..actually needs 3-4 layers but my mum was like "hey, 1 layer is okay" and we didn't have enough duct tape at that time..

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