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Hutang review...

Sebenarnya aku hutang korang 2 review lagi. Satu gambar aku dah tertransfer ke laptop lain. Lagi satu punya review aku tak sempat nak photoshoot. Konon tak sempat tapi betul lah. Photoshoot winter holiday pon sbb atas dasar kerja (lol) that's why aku sempatkan jugak lah.  

Now aku dah start meroyan, giler sakit otak nak exam semua tapi still satu subjek pon aku x habis lgi dlm study week ni.  Awal sem dulu konon cita-cita tinggi nak mampos nak score tinggi.  Skrg aku tinggal nak mampos je, cita-cita semua dah berkecai.  

ok biarkan ku meroyan.


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Fashion mistakes by the 90's girls | Zalora Malaysia

 Hello ladies!!!  I’m back for a while in Hell-cember to do a special collaboration project with Malaysia’s very well known brand, ZALORA.  I’m very honoured when they offered me (yes this weird blogger) to do a one-time collaboration project with them.  Long story short, I went blank and my friends are the people who went crazily excited for this opportunity.

Ok continue...


When you talk about fashion, some of you would go diva, some would say ‘’I don’t know how to dress’’ and there’s the people who would go out with a pair of yoga pants and sweatshirts (believe me, I’m that person although I have a very lethal criticism about how people should dress.  I’m very ironic by the way).  Fashion is very tiring as it is know for having a fast growth (and cycle) with changing trends every season. It cannot be denied that women tend to experiment and hallucinate with their fashion looks, thinking they would look great but instead it turned out to be a major NO-NO (been there done that!!!).  And that ladies, the disasters were mostly seen during the 90’s when the fashion industry was booming with new trends, crazy ideas and whimsical designs.

 So, in this entry I will list some of the fashion don’t and recommend you guys with something I would say, elegant and demure.

 I know it’s weird when this came from a goth but heyyyyy, I’m a stylish goth *wink*.

Disclaimer: Fashion don'ts images were retrieved from Google.  
Recommendation images retrived from ZALORA website.

1) Bandana halters.

I don't think in 2014 bandana would still be a thing in fashion especially when it comes to clothing.  Like there are so many other materials out there, so get out of the house and get some proper halters that can be used in many occasions, from partying to dinner date.


Chiffon Draped Top | Floral Crop Top


2) Retro wind breaker & starter jacket

You are not a rapper and when it's raining, people use the umbrella.  I don't think this waterproof 90's boyband jacket is stylish in 2014.  If you still own this thing, keep it in you closet and use em' for next year's halloween or anytime you're hiking in a tropical forest (I did that before.)


Leopard Print Blazer | Collarless Tweed Biker Jacket


3) Denim floral block dress

Floral and denim blocking is a risky fashion statement as in a certain way, the combination would magically work but in other times they would NO-GO together.  If you like the outfit blocking trend, pick the dresses that I've recommended instead.  Material blocking with PU leather/Pleather works with mostly everything except denim.

You know wat, just keep the denim to your jeans -.-  


Neo Prenne Panel Fit And Flare Dress | PU Cut In Fit And Flare Dress


4) Mom’s denim pencil skirt


Just noooooooooo!


Rose Gold Sequin Pencil Skirt | Embellished Pencil Skirt


5) Dress with jeans
Anyone can be seen in the streets when women paired their jeans with dresses. Like wtf???This is definitely an outfit match appears weird to the eye, thus, women should stick the jeans with a top and the dress as it is (or wear a pair of black stockings if you are not comfortable of showing your legs.


Lace Fit And Flare Dress | Footless Stockings


6) One size bubble stretchable shirts

Although this is an innovative invention (and I may get it for myself too), but it doesn't really fit into the fashion world.  Yes you can wear it but please not in public.  Come on ladies, just buy proper clothes that fits your size.  Companies sell tops in different sizes for a reason ok babes...


Eyelet Kimono Sleeved Tee | Lace Hi-Lo Peplum


7) Excessive ruffled-puffy shirts
Get out of townnnnnnn.

Ruffles and puffy sleeves should be minimized and only one at a time.  


Poly Chiffon Ruffle Dress | Sleeveless Ruffled Chiffon Blouse


8) Hair scrunchy & Butterfly clips
OMG I swear I got tons of these when I was a kid.  It was dope before but now, just let the kids to wear these because they're kids.  Let them make themselves looks cute and funny. 

You ladies, get demure hair jewels, you need to find men now not play dates.

p/s: but I would still scrunchy-up my bun though. LOL I don't care.


Gems Drape Headband | Set Of 3 Hair Bands


9) Skin colored legging

Ahaaa the skin colored leggings.  This is a universal trick for the lazy-shavin' ladies.  I tried wearing this before, but it failed, people can see my hairy legs (LOL!).  So I gave up, I bought the opaque leggings.  I live happily since.

You guys should do the same thing too.


Basic Leggings | Basic Phyton Leggings


10) Chain wallet
Only kids would use this.

Embellished Hand Clutch
Glitter Glam Flat Clutch


11) Foam platform sandals
I nearly bought this many many moons ago because sometimes it's nice to feel tall but then I think, ''better not..''


Studded Wedges
Criss Cross Straps Sandals


12) Dark lip liner

Wise words from me, make-up should blend with your face, not contradicting.


Glitz Lipglaze Set

Rouge Artist Lip Palette Coral

 If you are wondering where to get new apparels or accessories, check out ZALORA for fashion items online from various brands. 

Winter Holiday Season Fashion Shoot

I'm doing the 2nd part of my Zalora entry here since I don't want to packed everything in a single entry.  So after suggesting you ladies with cool stuff from their website, now I'm gonna show what you can wear casually during this holiday season (especially in the countries that are snowing, not here, hot as hell) 

Firstly I would like to acknowledge my partner today, Miss Nayli as the photographer.  Thanks babe, I will belanja you later lah!  Also thanks for sponsoring the jelly shoes.

So these are the mix and match outfits that I can work with after digging through my Narnia.  I was quite surprise with these outcomes and didn't noticed I got a lot of clothes until later today before doing this photoshoot. 

So here are the suggestions that I could came up with.  Simple and casual.

The first one: Pair up a simple boat neck top with a skinny pants.  I love it soo bad when my shirts accentuates my collar bones  and the well structured skinnies lies perfectly on my legs.  I'm not that tall but with the right clothes I may ended up with a few inches taller.  

The silhouette girls, the silhouette !

The second outfit: A sexy tank top works really well with kimonos.  You got your sexy thing and also you don't want to reveal that much skin but still you wanna look like a hot (Goth) Geisha.  

I just love kimonos especially the chiffon ones or lace because these material are just great for Goths like me and easy to mix n match.

The third one:  Military jacket.  This piece is still on the runway because it has a great structure and fits nicely on your body.  If you assume you don't have a nice bone structure, just grab this trending jacket peeps!

The fourth: Nothing else to say, V-neck tshirt with a scarf is da bomb!  Showing less skin is always sexy.

Final outfit: Rainboowww!!!!  My mom got me this rainbow festive pashmina and this dark queen loves it!!  Come on, it's rainbow.  Who doesn't like rainbows?  If you have lots of dark outfits like me, accessorize with a pop of color or a very red lipstick.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice holiday while I'm depressing with the upcoming finals.

Life is full of shit.
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