Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hectic Hell-vember

This is the first part of hell.  The second part will be in my December entry.  I've never expected doing bachelors degree would be more lifeless than ever although I've learned a lot of song with my ukulele.  I must say I'm coming out from my noobish coccoon.  But the hurtful part is Pokemon just arrived and I won't be able to do a long term gaming up until mid January.  Yes can you imagine how psychotic that would make me?  Plus, I got crazy during the Nintendo black Friday sale and downloaded a bunch of games that I know I won't be able to play for the next 2 months.  God!!! This is totally crazy T.T

I had my graduation last Thursday (photos are coming soon on the next entry).  Yes it was tiring but more tiring when you had a fever days before and mom really insisted me buying new clothes for graduation.  I was like, I don't give a shit because I know it would be frustrating since I have to follow the dress code and anything sheer on the arm part is not acceptable (most of my dresses and the dresses in store are sheer).

But we did find a simple peplum tshirt that would match with my ''recycled'' skirt and scarf.  The winning part is, it only costs me RM60.  A big win, I must say.  So here's the full shot of my graduation dress (gotta wear head covers [not that I have an issue wearing it] because I thought that anyone without a black hair can't enter the hall [due to some rules and shit] but instead there was an Elsa just walking around and not being barred from the ceremony.  Fucking hell!)

Graduated Goth.

I did bought something on Sephora.  It's their season's greetings lip gloss wand.  I must tell ya, go and get this coz this shit is dope, but it has a sucky taste.  

Others had the pre-grad photos with their friends but my fever was kinda severe, so I just did it by myself at home.  Had my awesome Victoria's Secret Angel wannabe moment after popping in some paracetamol.  

Achievement unlocked: Perfect winged eyeliner.

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