Saturday, July 22, 2017

2017 Goth (Nu Goth they said)

Nu goth which is in my opinion is a millennial Instagram goth that is somehow wearing less heavy clothing but they maintain the eccentricity (is that even a word?) of the sub-culture.  Nu (New) Goth is basically a modernize easy looking dark fashion with some hipster influence to it.  Honestly I don't hate Nu Goth because my country is so damn hot and minimize my goth outfits does help me a lot away from dehydration. 

Remember Mavis, the vampire kid from Hotel Transylvania?  She is an example that holds the vibes of a Nu Goth with that century old black mini dress shirt, and mary jane flats.  Another part of my observation is these fashionistas added some Wicca influence with all these aura moon stones, crescent pendants and hexagonal obsidian jewelries.  Not to forget manufacturers of this millennial dark fashion had printed white faces of the Sun and Moon, and gore looking Unicorns on jet black dress shirts.  Not to mention the hair tho.  It rather be a very black bob or colorful waves of mermaid hair.  

More detailed explanation here;

Taken from Google/Pinterest
Source: Google/Pinterest
Anyways, here's my very own interpretation of a Nu Goth.

Wavy hair.  Pardon my brows, I don't do brows.

Instagram makeup with cat's eye and dark lips.  Brighter eye shadow instead of the common black and red.

I'm wearing a liquid lipstick from LA Girl cosmetic and this color sucks on the build up.  I had to apply a few layers just to look good. Not excellent but good.

Free flow black shirt with modern cut outs.  Look what's on my neck!
It's a layered crescent and black hexagonal pendant. 

Lastly, I just had to post this.

Thank for reading ayy.
Have a nice gothy day :D

Saturday, July 15, 2017

DIY fun summer danglers

Welcome back everyone, as for today I'm going to share with you all my latest DIY rainbow dangling earrings.  I was thinking that how it's fun to wear something colorful behind all the black veils and think onix hair as I am referring to the Goths out there.  For the non-Goth people, I hope this would be a fun simple crafting for you as well.

I guess let's get started.  Please say hello to my work/crafting table.  Pardon the messiness btw.

Basically not much stuff needed in this project.  You might have all of them wondering in your pile of junk but anyways I'm still mentioning them to make this post to be lengthy as it is suppose to be.

First of all you need rainbow beads.  I have like a bunch of them because I was so stressed out and all I can think about was bending some wires and make planner charms, which btw you can buy the on my online store *wink*

I have 2 rainbow flows as you can see below.  Then I added the pink tassle so I was like better to have the bead gradient ombre through all the colors including the tassle.  It's more neat I guess.

This is the arrangement of the beads.  Honestly I have no idea how to twist together the headpins with the main chain so that's why I used jump rings to connect them all.  

Adding bigger jump rings to the tassles.

And they're done!!!  Simple af!

Seriously it looks nice tho.

Here's my mandatory DIY guru selfie with the earrings.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Holy shit it's July

Well hello everyone, yass it's me again, one of the long gone goth bloggers in this goth blogging community.  Seriously how many of us that still writes tho 😂😂😂.

Honestly I have non to share probably because I'm now an adult (lol), embracing things in secret is far more interesting then letting the strangers to read about me.  Moreover someone more likely a demon is watching me here. 

Bitch, seriously f*ck off.

Anyways, I'm so happy that I finally gotten a new phone. Yaaassss so my makeup tutorial videos and self mandatory beauty guru selfies will be all over the internet again.  If not in here, they're going to be on my instagram. 

Well actually I'm writing this post using the blogger app just to test in the waters on its functionality.  So yeah if this post looks fine af means I'm soo using this app more often. 

Updates on my life huh?

1) This year I'm 24 (started this blog on a sick day off from school when I was 15)

2) I wish that I'm still a baby bat, but since I work in an office, so I officiate myself as a corp goth I guess.

3) One of my cats just gave birth to 2 little kittens somewhere and now she just transferred them under our shoe rack.

4) I'm pursuing myself into jewelry retailing and will not stop myself from wasting money buying gothic jewelries.

5) And those I'm buying are Nu goth inspired. 

6) I've lost my NYX lipstick in the color something like red-wine, I bet that's why I lost it, can't even tell the name.

7) I wanted to do haul entries but I'm too lazy. 

8) I'm managing my own jewelry wholesale company ngeheheh...

9) I have lipsticks that has aged more than 4 years.  My hoarding spirit will keep them forever.

10) Yup still with the same metal drummer boyfriend.

11) Just pray that I will add new entries on my blog hahaahahah lol!!!

12) Suppose to have a meeting at the office now but nothing, that's why I'm writing.

13) Have another meeting at 3.30pm and I'm convincing myself now not to be sleepy.

14) Look at my new earrings.

15) Still have no idea to draw perfect winged eyeliner.

Okay bye.

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