Saturday, July 22, 2017

2017 Goth (Nu Goth they said)

Nu goth which is in my opinion is a millennial Instagram goth that is somehow wearing less heavy clothing but they maintain the eccentricity (is that even a word?) of the sub-culture.  Nu (New) Goth is basically a modernize easy looking dark fashion with some hipster influence to it.  Honestly I don't hate Nu Goth because my country is so damn hot and minimize my goth outfits does help me a lot away from dehydration. 

Remember Mavis, the vampire kid from Hotel Transylvania?  She is an example that holds the vibes of a Nu Goth with that century old black mini dress shirt, and mary jane flats.  Another part of my observation is these fashionistas added some Wicca influence with all these aura moon stones, crescent pendants and hexagonal obsidian jewelries.  Not to forget manufacturers of this millennial dark fashion had printed white faces of the Sun and Moon, and gore looking Unicorns on jet black dress shirts.  Not to mention the hair tho.  It rather be a very black bob or colorful waves of mermaid hair.  

More detailed explanation here;

Taken from Google/Pinterest
Source: Google/Pinterest
Anyways, here's my very own interpretation of a Nu Goth.

Wavy hair.  Pardon my brows, I don't do brows.

Instagram makeup with cat's eye and dark lips.  Brighter eye shadow instead of the common black and red.

I'm wearing a liquid lipstick from LA Girl cosmetic and this color sucks on the build up.  I had to apply a few layers just to look good. Not excellent but good.

Free flow black shirt with modern cut outs.  Look what's on my neck!
It's a layered crescent and black hexagonal pendant. 

Lastly, I just had to post this.

Thank for reading ayy.
Have a nice gothy day :D

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