Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blogshop review: Avant La Mode

So this year's crazy hair idea will be a color cordination challenge...  I'll be bleaching my hair after I graduate because hair in other colors except black will cause you to get fined in here (college)...  So yeah, any blonde, red heads or glooming green will only be available on my head in mid April 2014..  

But for today, I'll be reviewing another blogshop called Avant la Mode..  This is a very trustworthy blogshop and I can guaranteed that..  My advice, if you guys wanna order the only USA available manic panic hair product, just go through this blogshop..  Also the owner is a stylist so she will give you guides on using manic panic hair products..

All I can say is that, I'm coming back for more stuff from Avant La Mode due to the excellent services and for getting more manic panic..hahaha

You guys should check out Avant La Mode in the social media for more variation of products and brands like handbags, jewelleries, shoes etc.

Follow them on twitter and instagram for more fast updates

Instagram: avantlamode

A box of bleaching kit 40 costs around rm80/90 (I don't really remember but really worth it)..  It's a bit pricey because you can only get this brand only from US..  With the currency conversion, shipping, tax bla bla bla I personally think RM80/90 is not expensive at all...

I can't wait to be a blonde!!!!!!


Blogshop review: Studshop for diy maniacs

Hi guys, I'm back with another online store review..  For this entry I'll be reviewing about the best shop to get stud supplies..  Realizing that it's very hard to get studs on local stores, so I googled thoroughly and found this online shop..  They have variety shapes, type, sizes, and colors of the studs for sale and selling each packet of 50 studs with specific prices due to the difference in sizes..

Don't worry!  Very murah ok!

The service is also good and fast especially if you directly contact the owner through whatsapp..  Delivery are made on every saturday so basically you can get the parcel by Wednesday..

Not to forget, studshop has it's own section at the Cubix Store in Sunway Pyramid (Asian Avenue area I guess) so you guys can directly get them there if you prefer to compare each types and sizes in details...

 I've already did some stud-work on my clothes, what about you?

Check out the shop on: 

Facebook : Studshop

Google+ : Studshop

Instagram : studsshop

Friday, November 29, 2013

Seniors getting cray-cray

Hi guys, currently I'm on my final semester of my diploma and already being bored in the first week.  Nothing much happen except going to the class just to get away from warning letters of truancy and making myself visible to the teacher's eyes...  Also not to forget, seeing my crazy weirdshit friends and so much much pranks to catch on...

Apart from that, everything is scary in here since I'm staying in the creepiest floor..  My roomies already felt some weird stuff like, something tapping on the bed's iron frame, extreme banging on the door and like something made vibrating motion to our beds..  No wonder I felt like my bunk bed was moving-vibrating vigorously but I thought that was my roomie having a bad dream and constantly kicking the bed's frame..  I'm not brave enough but I'm highly positively motivated when it comes to sleeping..  I might be the scariest demon instead if sleeping gets interrupted..  

P/s: if any of you having troubles like me, some said recite doa Nabi Yunus masa ditelan ikan nun...  Maybe ''that thing'' felt trapped, jadi kita permudahkan dia keluar secara baik...  Because we don't know what the hell is ''that thing'', and yeah Lendu kot.. paham2 je la nokk..

Forget about that 

I realized that I've found my male doppleganger..  My mates agreed that we looked alike..

Just me having fun changing someone's gender

Disturbing face

Bucket got randomly exploded...Still a mystery to us..

A friend made me to sketch the most festive dress for her wedding 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gaming: Pokemon X

I've been under the blogging radar for a few days now, like that's not normal --''

Well, for this time I just got the chance to buy pokemon X and been on my nintendo like forever..  This is kinda sad because it's my first time playing pokemon games..  I've never gone through pokemon red, blue until the black and white, and the pearl version because my family couldn't afford to get me a gameboy...  So I just watched my neighbour's gameplay, trading card games, get some cheap pokemon action figures and bought the basic pokedex book of the first 151 pokemon...  I was a pathetic kid...

But I did managed to get a GBA but at that time my friends were not playing pokemon anymore and kids had enough of pokemon..  So still didn't take my chance to play one..  You know you stopped playing pokemon at elementary and once you've hit high school or college you will start to be a kid again..

Ok enough with my pathetic life...

Here's my shitz: 

Yesterday I went to the gaming store to get a hard case and there were 3 dudes hanging out at the store..  So I just asked for the casing and the 3 of them had this impressive facial expressions while looking at me...  I was like, err oh kaayyy...  One of them asked what am I currently playing and of course as predicted it's pokemon x...  And another excited expressions of the 3 of them were given to me...  So we had a chit chat about games and so on..  Also one of them told me that getting pokemon x is the best choice because it's better than the Y since he got a friend who bought the Y and later bought the X and trade all the Y's to his X..  You get my algebra?  But I couldn't agree more because most of the game stores are redundant of the Y...

Also don't forget to redeem your torchic!


I'll have you know I've already finished my pokemon gaming, and only cried at the last part  for 476 times.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Marvel superheroes 2014 planner by ZZCollections (instashop review)

Hey guys, just realized that I forgot to do a review of the instashop owned by my friend's sister..  She's a pro at making diy bracelets with charms and stuff..  Other than that, she designed her own planner and I bought the one with Marvel characters in it (Starwars design is available too!)..  Also, it's handmade!!!  What about that? Damn crazy creative and interesting..

The delivery is very fast!!! No worries bout that ok!

RM30 (exclude postage)

For more diy bracelets, scarves and planner designs do follow and check her out at


Monday, November 4, 2013

My Nintendo friend code

 photo 20131104_194018_zpsc17b2802.jpg
Add me on nintendo peeps!

*if I do exsist on the radar*


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anti-depressant November Haul!!!

After a devastating day because my final results didn't met my expectation and worst because the subject that brought me down was the one without a final exam (100% based on activities, evaluation and projects). Meaning, I can't control how the evaluation was done (I worked hard on all projects required by the subject) and for this kind of thing looks like I need to be an ass kisser just to get good grades.. 

 Come on!!!! I don't kiss ass, I achieve things on my own based on objectives, scientific reasoning and statistical explaination..    Emotions are not involved when I'm working..  Basically I'm Dr. Brennan from Bones.  So that's why I need to shop for some stuff, you know to keep me distracted from this bullshit..

Here's what I got

1) Felting needles

I've been looking for these, for weeks...  Couldn't find it in any craft store in my area because needle felting don't really take much part in my country.  I can bet only 1 out of 10 knows what needle felting is...  

Directory:  Get felting needle in Malaysia-from Daiso Paradigm Mall-RM5 a packet of 4 

Some people don't recognize the look of this type of needle..Well, in the pictures below you can see small continuous ridges on the tip..  That's the part that felt the wool when you poke it on cloth in vertical movement..


2) Wool felt

This is not the ordinary balls of wool that grandma use for knitting..  This kind of wool is soft textured and easy to rip them apart if you want to use in small batches..  Basically, it has properties like a cotton wool.

Directory: Wool felt for needle felting in Malaysia-get from Daiso Paradigm Mall-RM5 a packet of 3 with diff. tones


3)Silicone Mold

I have this obsession of making truffles and I tried a recipe for Halloween and my family liked is so much..  So, since I'm gonna do a lot of it, I though that I should do in proper shapes and stop wasting my paper cups..  Well, here comes the mold...  Got from Daiso too...


4) Unicorn Poop

I remembered as a child, I had the Luna Steadler 48 pieces but I really can't find it anywhere in the house..  The lost set has water color properties so my artwork can be more realistic thus I'm kinda pissed off because looks like it just ran away into another alternate universe..  Goddamn it!

Thinking to but the similar one but the price is not in my budget because I'm saving to buy Pokemon X later on-someday-the day when I eventually have money..  So decided to go for another brand..  And surveying nearly half and hour at the coloring section, I chose this one since it has some unusual tone that you can't get from other brands..annnnnd it's 50% cheaper..


Currently puking rainbow

Friday, November 1, 2013

Monthly Theme Post: Sweaters

Yay!!!  Finally another monthly theme entry!!!  I missed the previous one so here I am gonna talk about sweaters..  Since my county is always hot, so sweaters are not that important when we go out unless in a full blast air conditioned building which is al kinda rare because most of the shopping malls here are adapting to energy saving mode so basically still hot in there.. --''

But of course I need some right because I might be flying to the cold countries or weird shit happens and it starts snowing in here *urrgh freaky*

So, here are my sweaters...

Woolen cardi-sweater

Skull hoodie sweater

My most fav sweater mini dress

Thin sweater mini dress

Casual hoodie sweater (worn the most)

Sweater vest mini dress

Thanks for reading 

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