Friday, November 15, 2013

Gaming: Pokemon X

I've been under the blogging radar for a few days now, like that's not normal --''

Well, for this time I just got the chance to buy pokemon X and been on my nintendo like forever..  This is kinda sad because it's my first time playing pokemon games..  I've never gone through pokemon red, blue until the black and white, and the pearl version because my family couldn't afford to get me a gameboy...  So I just watched my neighbour's gameplay, trading card games, get some cheap pokemon action figures and bought the basic pokedex book of the first 151 pokemon...  I was a pathetic kid...

But I did managed to get a GBA but at that time my friends were not playing pokemon anymore and kids had enough of pokemon..  So still didn't take my chance to play one..  You know you stopped playing pokemon at elementary and once you've hit high school or college you will start to be a kid again..

Ok enough with my pathetic life...

Here's my shitz: 

Yesterday I went to the gaming store to get a hard case and there were 3 dudes hanging out at the store..  So I just asked for the casing and the 3 of them had this impressive facial expressions while looking at me...  I was like, err oh kaayyy...  One of them asked what am I currently playing and of course as predicted it's pokemon x...  And another excited expressions of the 3 of them were given to me...  So we had a chit chat about games and so on..  Also one of them told me that getting pokemon x is the best choice because it's better than the Y since he got a friend who bought the Y and later bought the X and trade all the Y's to his X..  You get my algebra?  But I couldn't agree more because most of the game stores are redundant of the Y...

Also don't forget to redeem your torchic!


I'll have you know I've already finished my pokemon gaming, and only cried at the last part  for 476 times.

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