Friday, November 1, 2013

Monthly Theme Post: Sweaters

Yay!!!  Finally another monthly theme entry!!!  I missed the previous one so here I am gonna talk about sweaters..  Since my county is always hot, so sweaters are not that important when we go out unless in a full blast air conditioned building which is al kinda rare because most of the shopping malls here are adapting to energy saving mode so basically still hot in there.. --''

But of course I need some right because I might be flying to the cold countries or weird shit happens and it starts snowing in here *urrgh freaky*

So, here are my sweaters...

Woolen cardi-sweater

Skull hoodie sweater

My most fav sweater mini dress

Thin sweater mini dress

Casual hoodie sweater (worn the most)

Sweater vest mini dress

Thanks for reading 

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Lexi said...

Ahhh your sweater dress with the skulls is sooo cute! love it :)

Lexi said...

Your sweater dress with the skulls is soo cute! Love it :)

linnea-maria said...

Lots of nice sweaters! I guess the first wool one really needs short arms as you live in a warm climate.

Heather Wielding said...

Very nice choices, the mini dress with skulls is my absolute favorite of the bunch <3

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

What a great collection! It's a shame you don't get to wear them more often. The little sweater dress with skulls is my favorite! It's too adorable, with the little fur collar. And those skulls look really angry, but in a cute way! lol.

Lady Of Gothica (Melda Saerwen) said...

thanks everyone, haha i agree with you guys the skull mini dress with the furry collar is my fav and got it at a friend's garage sale..epic great bargain!

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