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Band Review | Dante's Theory

So this time is a shocker.  On a beautiful rainy Halloween eve, I received a message from Remy of Dante’s Theory for some write up projects.  This is definitely something crazy (positively crazy) for me but somehow giving me anxiety because firstly they are NOT from my country, and secondly they are a legend who is NOT from my country.  Phewww no pressure at all for this 24-hour symphonic metal listener here.  Above all, I am truly honored to review this band’s material.  I really appreciate your trust on me.  Seriously!

To all Malaysian who are not familiar with them, Dante’s Theory has been around since the mid 90's previously known as Pyro before changing their name to Dante's Theory. A few changes in the band's line up and sound since then as the band progressed.  

Curious about Pyro’s music?  

Check it out here 

Singapore's brimming with talented acts such as Rudra, Impiety and many more, and now DANTE'S THEORY is making a huge sting (kasi sengat!) since their comeback from hiatus.

Check out their latest single, epic comeback piece for their upcoming album "Deconstruct"

The line-ups Remy (Vocals), Karsten (Drums) Aaron (Bass), Syazwan (Guitars), Shakur (Guitars), play fierce, dynamic death metal that packs a punch with lyrics in Malay and English, they're mixing things up and it's all the more refreshing for us all. Their 2017 release titled 'Amut', which has five songs of hard-hitting contemporary death metal that will have you jumping around and head bang straight away.

If you are still wondering why I’m saying they are a true underground legend? It is because they have played vastly around the asia region with bands such as Burgerkill (INDO), Thy Art Is Murder (AUS), Rudra (SG), Wormrot (SG), Naratu (MY), Wynken Delirium (MY), Stompin Ground (SG), Truth Be Known (SG), Overthrown (SG), Siksakubur (INDO), Jasad (INDO) and many others.  Shook enough?

When you think 2017 was a good year for them for being included in TERRORIZER's magazine issue 283 (July 2017) and on FEAR CANDY Compilation CD, 2018 is much better with the released of their single, “Deconstruct” and latest with "Playing Fields of Bloodshed" will pave an absolute tremor for their upcoming album in 2019!   

Epic combo of Death and Progressive Metal

From the Amut Full EP released on 15th April 2017 had made me gone speechless. As I listened to it for the first time, I have never heard an EP that is being delivered in a complete construction from A to Z. Seriously this had taken me a while to continue on writing for the next sentence. Even by listening through this cheap 5 ringgit earphone delivery of the sound so impeccable that I could guarantee an epic eargasm la weiiiiii.

This 5 tracks EP is honestly mind-blowing and it would be a great loss for music lovers out there especially metal heads to skip on this masterpiece.  Combining the style of death with the elements of progression definitely dug a gold mine for this band. From the intro of Qiamat Heretics to the exit breakdown of Amut, not a single disinterest came across my head as I genuinely enjoyed this record so much.  Out of 5 gems my most favorite is Dethroned the Purist and the part favored best is the narration in Insanity of the Saints combined with the music produced an absolute clear message to listeners about the story told.

From the ears of a listener, this record I would describe as 5000% tight as f*ck, no flaw.  Their precision to fit all the hasty unexpected tempo, key and timing diversity is the major influence on producing this treasure.  It is normal for death metal to embody melodic riffs but adding the leverage of progressive complexities is no joke since they actually managed to use that composition to underline the continuous development of the materials perfectly.  

Some records may be described as messy but Amut is definitely the one that have cathartic effect which is a non-destructive art form that give out listeners’ anger & anxiety.  I must say it’s truly odd but their music is legit calming for me.  With their macabre lyrical content and shifts in musical dynamic precisely describes the catharsis, stress-reducing features and making you feel less alone.  The feeling of being able to escape the reality and have an enjoyable moment of openness is what we all wanted in music that we listen to.

In terms of skill, it is way beyond my expertise but I can exactly quote Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse – “People who don’t know this music think it’s just a bunch of noise and it’s really easy to play. You may not like it, but death metal is really complex. You have to have a really fine-tuned ear to appreciate it and a lot of the guys in these bands are incredible musicians.” So basically these people are SAINTS!

Not believing what I say, here’s your chance to be mesmerized by their full EP

Upcoming showpiece

As mentioned above, this band will have an epic comeback with their new album to be released in 2019 (date t.b.a) as they have delivered two teaser worthy singles for your ears to thrill upon.  The first single is self titled from the album itself which was release on January 2018 and 9 months later another single is released titled "Playing Fields of Bloodshed".  

Comparing to Amut (full), this upcoming fraction emphasize more on the progressive aspect of the band.  You can hear it for yourself that the new record is less darker however it is not criminal since Amut emphasized more on the dark death metal side never the less, this upcoming album would be an extension of their superpowers mastering on more progressive factors to their music.  

"It's not like DEATH like which is so intense on the rhythmic side, it's not like KAMELOT which represent symphonic as a major music of them and it's also not even like some sort of typical progressive band like GOJIRA. This is DANTE'S THEORY, Musically and technically a DANTE'S THEORY themselves. I love the way they crafted their music direction throughout a madness atmospheric pressure just to catch an eye of the normal insanity."- a tip from my guest reviewer.

Listening from both singles, I'm predicting the album to have aggressive poly-rhythm and flashing beats vaulting from one song to the next.  The addition of clean vocal recital is another feature that support my opinion of them becoming more progressive-in describing characteristics of progressive metal.  They are still recognizable as death metal but in a way more technicality on the instruments and bear major tempo exploration.

Are they worthy?

YES! YES! YES! 1000% YES!  They are experienced, extremely talented and I guarantee no regrets to all listeners especially metal heads out there.   

Finding them is not that hard, don’t forget to show your support and follow them on any of these social media channels.
More snippets on the band;

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Recipe for Noobs | 5 dollar mushroom risotto

Credit: Image from Google

Hey all!  Today I will be sharing my easy mushroom risotto recipe and evidently would cost you less than 5 bucks.  The trick is to NOT make it using arborio/risotto rice.  So NO rice okay.  Kau bukan chef pon, kau noob je bahaha!

Use a far more clever and simpler alternatives such as pearl barley or wheat corn.  Senang cerita bijik barli atau bijik gandum la.  Kau cari je kat Giant mesti ade sepeket dalam RM2 jer.  

Okay why I recommend to use these two as substitute?   Sebab senang kau rebus je sampai kembang.  Bila dah kembang that's all, tak payah kau nak buat kerja renyah masak arborio rice tu pakai chicken stock la, veggie stock la.  Kau masuk je dalam periuk, letak air, pasang api, pegi tengok tv.  Sekali sekala check jugak la, kalo air dah kering tapi belum kembang kau tambah je air lepas tu sambung tengok tv okay.

Actually cara dia mcm kau masak nasik goreng je pon.  Ingredients je hispter sikitlah.

This recipe fits for 2-3 servings.


  • 1 cup or barley/wheat corn, boiled and strained
  • 4-6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 shallot (bawang kecik, bedal je lah bawang ape pon)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cajun pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon of paprika
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Fresh basil
  • Fresh thyme
  • 1 cup of Mushroom (any type but Shiitake or Button would be nice)
  • 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese (or any that you have at home)
  • 1.5 tablespoon of Butter

How to:

1) Boil barley/wheat corn until cooked.  Then strain.  Put aside.

2) Cut everything;
- smash the garlic and cut into little pieces
- dice the shallot
-roughly chop the basil and thyme
- roughly chop the mushroom

3) Heat your frying pan, melt the butter until a little bit golden then stir fry together the garlic and shallot.  

4) Add basil and thyme and stir until the leaves wilt.

5) Add in mushroom, salt, pepper, cajun pepper, and paprika.  Stir and let them cook together until the mushroom wilt and you can see some additional water (that is the mushroom stock) in site the pan.  Yes it is important to let the shroom to fully cooked.

6) Add in the strained barley/wheat corn in side the pan and stir well.  Add in some grated Parmesan until fully coated.  If you see the dish is too dry, just add a little bit of water.

7) You're all set and done!

Good luck.
Periuk jangan lupa basuh.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Why I stopped MUA job?

Harini sembang melayu la eh.  Aku malas nak jadi lots of mix.  Also, entri kali ni bukan tujuan untuk kecam atau kecikkan orang lain tapi more on luahan dan explanation kenapa aku buat desicion mcm ni dan desicion ni mmg impak dia smpai skrg aku mcm benak sgt nak pegang muka orang untuk mekap.  Wlaupon takde drama tarik2 rambut tapi aku mmg serik.  

Sebenarnya aku tanak pon citer pasal ni sbb blaku dgn org terdekat, ntah2 dia pon baca blog ni tapi haritu kawan aku datang rumah lepak membawang dan terbukak la pasal cerita mengandam ni, jadi aku cerita je la harap jadi teladan la kot.

Tak dinafikan jugak aku bnyk kekurang dalam skill makeup tapi you will get the point here bila dah tau cerita.   

So, tahun around 2014- 2016 time zaman makeup semua tgah naik, aku pon ade la ambik jobs kecik2 untuk makeupkan orang.  Nak kata aku ni MUA prominent jauh sekali laaa.  Orang lain dah sampai ke langit, aku dalam gua berselimut lagi la.  Also job aku makeup pon tak ambil harga mahal2 aku mmg caj ciput je tu pon sbb aku kata pakai makeup yg ori dan branded.  Mmg betul pon original sbb aku ni keje perabih duit bapak aku kat Sephora je HAHAHSHADAP!!!!

Jadi kat UiTM dulu ade la aku ambik jobs untuk budak2 yg nak pegi dinner la ape la.  Sikit2 janji ade la duit bekap untuk aku buat belanja.  Makeup diri sendiri pon ade la aku upload kat IG semua sampai la satu tahap ni aku dapat offer dari sorg akak ni untuk buat makeup akad & sanding.  Masa tu aku intern, dan aku mcm terharu gila sbb akak ni sungguh2 nak aku mekapkan.  Aku jujur cakap mmg tak biasa buat bridal, mungkin barang pon tak cukup dan aku takut tak dapat puaskan hati semua tapi dia insist jugak.  So aku on je la.  Aku caj satu session (2 session la sbb akad and sanding hari lain2) pon berapa je ntah x igt tapi tak sampai RM450 pon, tu pon caj ikut products dan bukan man power sgt pon.

Ok jadi masa berbincang tu, akak ni cakap nak makeup bridal tapi tak tebal.  Aku SHOOKETH!!!! Aku cakap bnyk kali kat dia makeup bridal mmg tak digalakkan nipis dan kene tebal sbb faktor-faktor penting mcm photoghraphy, tahan lama dan etc la.  Apa2 logik pasal kenapa makeup tebal mmg aku brief kat dia.  Lepas dia tepek aku jawapan yg smpai skrg menghantui diri aku;

"Tu la I dah cakap dgn hubby I tapi dia cakap dia tak suka I makeup tebal sbb dia nak masa nikah/sanding muka I makeup exactly mcm I makeup biasa2 je sbb dia suka I mcm tu."


Wei aku terkesima, sbb skrg ni yg tersepit ditengah-tengah adalah aku.  Aku dibayar untuk bagi all out untuk pengantin nampak cantik, tapi suami tanak dan pengantin ikut cakap suami.  Masa tu aku tak tau aku ni nak derhaka kat siapa.  Dehaka kat orang yang bayar servis aku ke atau dehaka kat suami dia mcm la laki dia tu laki aku HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Kau baca bende ni kau rasa mcm alaaaa rilek la.  Bitch kau diam sbb MEMANG TAK BOLEH NAK RILEKS.  Jadi untuk akad aku mcm akur, sbb akad je pon dan majlisnya buat sederhana dan sweet.  Jadi bila tiba makeup sanding aku terpaksa telan 100% request client aku ni, masa tu aku dah tak nak fikir apa2.  Aku mcm cakap dgn diri aku, ok tak pe kau buat je, buat cecantik like ape akak ni request and buat supaya dia tak kene maki dgn laki dia and so on. Ye la kita pon tak tau hal laki bini kan, jadi aku cuba win-win kan semua orang.

Jadi tahun 2018 ni la baru terbukak cerita pasal ni, as referred above aku membawang ngan kawan aku yg dtg rumah haritu.  Dia tanya la apesal makeup akak tu aku buat like nampak so-so dari jauh.  Ala korg pon tau kan kalo pengantin tu makeup dia dari jauh kau dah tau berapa centimeter tebal foundation mak andam dia tepek kan.  So aku citer la apa yg aku citer kat atas ni.  Baru la kawan aku cakap make sense, sbb dia pelik apehal makeup gitu je, dan husnuzon la mungkin duduk meja jauh katanya.  

Aku tak sentap langsung tapi aku tak boleh nak letakkan diri aku lagi dalam situasi drama mcm ni.  Ni baru satu pengantin beb.  Kau bayangkan pengantin lain?  Also mak cik bawang yang lain?????  Parah wei.  

Aku taknak sebab kerja aku, laki bini bergaduh.  Aku tau isu ni pasal makeup je pon, hek eleh kecoh la pompuan ni TAPI kau kena tau laki bini punya gaduh pasal nasik sebutir pon boleh naik court wei.  Laki aku bawak kereta laju langgar bump kat jalan pon aku ni mcm nak keluar parang dah kau rasa?  

Jadi sejak tu aku decide aku taknak even being considered untuk jadi troublemaker dengan isu mcm ni.  Aku nak peace of mind je untuk semua orang.

So drpd orang bukak mulut pasal kerja MUA aku ni, tak cantik la, dull la, baik aku back off sebelum ade fixed market, sebab yang tau hal-hal bangang mcm ni pon selalunya MUA dan pengantin je.  Takkan aku MUA nak pegi kat meja semua orang membawang pasal isu-isu mcm ni kan?  

Lagi satu buat aku rasa berat, walaupun aku ni money oriented dan sebis MUA aku ni memang murah, tapi aku taknak la sebabkan aku ni gila duit sampai dah tak tau nilai berkat tu.  Aku bukan ustazah tapi aku tanak la duit yg aku buat muka orang lepas tu tak berkat last-last muka aku yg terbakor pulak.  Haaaa tepukkkkk!  

Haritu adik client ni pon ade mintak aku buat MUA untuk majlis dia, aku tak fikir apa terus rejek salah satu sebab isu ni la also, aku mmg dah declutter bnyk makeup aku so supplies confirm tak cukup.  

Jadi itulah ceritanya kenapa aku betul2 stop buat MUA.  Dinner ke apa ke memang aku said no.  Tipu la tak teringin nak mengandam lagi tapi aku rasa baik aku elak drama kot.  

Meh sini aku bertukar jadi azwan ali jap;  Abang2 kat luar sana aku rasa banyak lagi isu yg boleh jadikan bini kau dehaka kot.  Tapi please jangan jadikan makeup pengantin salah satu daripada tu.  Bini ko sayang ko, dia nak cantik tapi tak pepasal kes makeup pon dia kene ikut cakap ko, belum lagi sedara mara membawang kutuk belakang kenapa takde seri, kenapa hambar, kenapa kelam.  Weiii bini ko tak cantik kau jgn cakap aku tepuk eh.  Aku jumpa lagi laki mentaliti mcm ni mmg aku rodok bijik mata kau dgn berus makeup.


Sabtu lepas laki aku last minute request untuk jadi MUA buat corpse paint untuk battle of the band contestant.  Tak tau corpse paint tu apa sila google.  Orang biasa mungkin rasa bende tu scary tapi untuk aku it feels truly at home.  Juga aku bukan SFX artist ok, jangan memacam buat konspirasi.  Alhamdulillah aku caj RM10 je satu kepala kat dorang tapi jiwa aku tenang takde drama, band tu pun menang 3rd runner up.  Aku rasa tu la RM50 paling berkat.  Wallahualam.

Instagram: @cycrypticmy


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Milly Bridal UK | How to Slay like a Queen | Sponsored

Ahhh yass! The word “Queen” as understood by the Traditionalist/Silent Generation (born in 1945 and yesteryears) and the Baby Boomers (born in 1946 to 1964) to be the female royal highness and the most empowering woman that is still and forever has the most privileged piece in a chess set that able to move in any direction along a rank, file, or diagonal on which it stands. Not to forget, the stylized figure of a queen in a playcard deck was developed later in the 1377 by the Germans, being abandoned by them and permanently picked up by the French in the 1500s.

The evergreen, Queen to be the one of the greatest bands of all time. A great era were experienced by our moms and dads from the Baby Boomers to Gen X and memories of the legendary peak of 1975 Bohemian Rhapsody, the 1982 Under Pressure will never fade.

The Millennials (known as Gen Y; Born 1977 to 1995) throughout the Centennials (most popular by the term Gen Z/iGen; Born 1996 onwards) with highly advanced internet access and social medias engagement, the word ”Queen” is no longer acting like an exclusive monarch (except for Queen Bee-yonce!) related however, it became of a more casual jargon or meme as we definitely described them as the urban language we spoke off every day. According to the urban dictionary, the word "Queen" it is more likely in description of someone who is really flamboyant, applause-worthy, fierce women (or a really, really gay guy) and this will be the main topic of my article this time.

Less is more, we hold to that word but would still have the motivation to be fancy af. Fancy but classy is also a major thin line that have affected us all, we may think our appearance to be fine but actually seen as a train wreck by others. That’s a BIG NO NO! This problem was constantly emphasized especially during formal events such as weddings, dinner and proms that definitely we wanted to SLAY and win over the wh*re who stole your man, indeed still have a beautifully mindful soul of the goddess, Grace Kelly.


Finding for an outstanding dress for a Queen maybe a handful and quite pricey, also searching for a dress online might be hopeless and able catch out to your anxiety over a silver lining result whether the dress will be completely well tailored or being an imitation disaster.  A website known as MillyBridal UK was established in 2007 and still active in the formal fashion-garment industry. A variety of gowns and dresses categorized down from bridal wear, mother of the bride dresses, prom garments to platform shoes, they are definitely one heck of a cutting-edge online retailer.

Wedding Dresses UK 2018

Their endeavor is unique comparing to other competitors, offering glamorous gowns at a lower price point had been the niche area of keeping their business sustainable until today. Affordably high fashion pieces with the prices ranging from £96 to £300 may be seen big for a number but imagine closely for spending less than £100 for a prom dress or spending only £250 for a ball gown wedding dress of your dream (that may cause your whole month paycheck to get from a designer store).  Not to forget that fabric color customization is also provided in this store.

If you're like me, and have been paying close attention to what's been trending on the fashion department this year especially the ideas of wearing mermaid wedding dresses — let me show you a good indication of what to expect from this store. 

Please do click on each images for direct link
The Wedding Dress

Behold the Bridesmaids

The Modern Teens Prom Dress

Forever Flattering Evening Gowns

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored & ALL IMAGES were retrieved from their website.

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Album Review | Carthreena - Breathe For Tomorrow

Yass the kween is back again after going on and off again with the blogging sphere and literally writing the introduction of this entry while listening to Nightwish considering the title above is definitely nothing to do with them.

Okay I'll stop and continue with the main cause of this acknowledged entry.

I'm here with my brain for Carthreena!

You kids will ask me "WHAT THE F*CK IS CARTHREENA?"

Well, read!!! You lazy younger generations with iPhones.

Disclaimer: Please note that I’m doing this on a VERY VERY PROFESSIONAL basis. Every comments and critics are based on what people want to listen, their demands and etc. Also please note that I'm very critical at finding flaws and NEVER BIAS and I have run through this whole album thoroughly multiple times.

Image courtesy from Carthreena 
Carthreena is a Malaysian post-hardcore band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, formed in 2010.  All through out of their musical career, the band is known for fast, hard music based in heavily distorted guitars, prominent lead guitar lines, and frequent changes in complex time signatures. 

They achieved national fame with the released of their single ‘Change the World’ in December 2013. They have performed tons of gigs and several national festivals including AOR Festival 2015, Kawanfest 2015, Stone Chisel Indie Fest 2015, Gegeyfest 2014 and Northern Fest 2012 & 2016, yet still active performing band around Malaysia.

In 22nd January 2018, they have released their debut album ‘Breathe For Tomorrow’ in physical copies and digital (Spotify & Deezer). The album is recognized as one of the anticipated album for the year of 2018. -Quoted from band's profile

Image courtesy from Carthreena


  • I Set You on Fire (2010)
  • Pretending (Roses of Surrender) (2011)

Single (s)
  • Whispering Goodbye (2011)
  • Forbidden Hearts (2011)
  • Start Over Again (2012)
  • Change the World (2014)
  • Cancer (2014)

Compilation (s)

Compilation MMXIV
The New Core Wave (TNCW) x Emotional/ Melodic Hardcore Promotions (EMHP)
Released August 20, 2014 (Mexico)
Track 7. Carthreena - Change the World

Studio album
  • Breathe For Tomorrow (2018)

Cover view of this album.

For not judging the book or album by its covers, oh well I do because women judge. I love the injected artform essence of totemic insect which is a bee in this case as I believe so was truly inspired by the ancient rock art by the ancient cultures in Europe and the Near East which sometimes referred as the "goddess".

Overview of this album.

This excellent nu-cultural concept artwork album named as "Breathe For Tomorrow" consist of 12 tracks with 7 English songs, 4 Malay song and 1 short instrumental track.  The explained genre is post-hardcore and I agree for its fast moving energetic music that actually emphasize a greater degree of creative expression when you're moving from track to track.  

Reminiscing down the memory lane.

When I first ran through this album it reminded me one of my favourite albums of all time, Yellow Card-Ocean Avenue album from 2003.  Ok chill, I know both of these albums have obvious distinct genres but somehow they both have the similar energy.  Try ignoring the sliver lining of these genres and imagine replacing the violins in YC with the strings from Carthreena, they would be quite similar.  Not bad kind of similar but GOOD!

Listen to YC's Way Away, and Empty Apartment and you will get what I meant. 


Image courtesy from Carthreena

Based on the article on 2007 quoted by Jeff Terich on Treblezine, "the originality of post-hardcore emerge from the era after hardcore's heyday (notably, the '80s), and most bands within the genre got their start in hardcore. However, the twist is instead of sticking to its rigid constraints, these artists expanded beyond power chords and gang vocals, incorporating more creative outlets for punk rock energy." On a more casual term it is a genre of music formed when people in the hardcore scene got tired of hardcore's limited form (Geoff, 2005).

This 40 minutes album have various styles of music that won't make you feel bored if you are a true post-hardcore fan.  The songs arrangements from track 1 to 12 is considered very well planned and excellent as they are very well matched and compliments the sequences. A friendly album hack is that they shouldn't be too high up with non-stop catchy music or the other way around,  it should be an added variance to one another and association of fast and slow moving sounds.

Lyrics-wise linguistically are very easy to understand not to much metaphoric elements, they can easily reach the emotions of all fans and listeners.  Remember when most of us were younger (back then for example the old days of Simple Plan) and there's a song or an album that was very entertaining and magically catch up to our pleasure, well this is how you can get it in 2018. Carthreena gets them to your soul!

In terms of instruments, there's nothing to talk about.  My ears heard fascinating signature s of post-hardcore; the slow melodic minor scale and melodic metal-core style rhythms added to bind with some progressive elements.  Since I'm not a musician (unless calling a person that plays 4 months of intense ukulele a musician, then I'm still not one) nothing much I can comment about the technicalities but as a listener, most important is that they are perfectly tight and harmonizes within all aspects of the instruments.  Kudos for the outstanding effort.  And for the vocals, how the f*ck did you managed to reach that high notes? Incredible af!!

My genuine reaction to this masterpiece was quite pleasant.  I don't often listen to post-hardcore genres but I'm confident to say that this album able to make me have fun by listening to it.  They have this my so-called made up word is the spirit-goosebumps, when you listen to the whole album, you feel this energetic spirit came on your surroundings like a force-field globe that protects you (not Wakanda) for the whole 40 minutes and that spirit energy made your senses tingling with goosebumps because you are so well entertained by it.


My most fav song in this album is Malaysia,  a very catchy anthem of patriotism and the realities of things that you are aware of being a true Malaysian.  Basically I'm a well known as the least patriotic values on earth however that song did change my perception towards with holding my nation and very proud to sing along to this.  Guys, this is the song that you should listen to while waiting for your turn to cross out the ballot on this upcoming general election.  I'm not even joking!

The song Remembrance has its own touchy feely amusements for people who's having a handful of breakup sentiments just like I Will Stay by We Are The Fallen and when Dean's vocals appeared on Streetlights, there were fireworks in my head.

Should you buy this album?

Absolutely YES!  Even if your are not a fan of this genre, you should still get it for yourself because of the new revelation of post-hardcore music that you should experience yourself and just because they are truly awesome!

Buy it here

Social Media Channels

Check out more about Carthreena:    


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Monday, March 12, 2018

The start of a brew-tea-ful addiction.

As you can read on the title above.  I'm a fully converted tea-addict.

Why? Because there was once upon a night where I wasn't thinking and I had finished a little bit of iced caramel latte left on the table.  I had it and I cannot sleep the whole night.  And there was my regret...

As I was searching the internet for unique tea blends (and companies) that operates locally and found TeaBirdTea. I purchase a couple of travel packs to give myself a try for their blends.  Being a tea noob, I'm very dumb at making teas and my taste buds can't seem to accept the taste of the teas I made.  So I reached out to their team for some tips and had a very positive responses from Ashleigh the MD of Balcony Bloomer (the company).  Such a sweetheart she even sent out a tin for me to give it a try (oh well shall I say #spons lol!).  

Later that week, I discovered the perfect recipe using my knight and shining armor.  

Not to worry lemons doesn't kill the taste at all, they actually made it better.  However, they do made the taste a little less strong, which actually suits my taste buds.  

So I guess it would be nice if I share to you guys my simple recipe, hopefully they'll made your day just like mine.

Thanks for hanging out here, I'll see brew-all later byeeee

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Unboxing Nintendo Switch | Super Mario Bundle

 I'm sorry I know it's February alreadyyyyyy T_T

Let's forget about that and rewind back to the first day of 2018 and my new year's resolution was to buy myself a freakin' Nintendo Switch!!!  Yes, I achieved my resolution just about the first week of 2018 and I got the whole year not regretting anything.

I'm to lazy to type, so here's a very mute kind of unboxing.  For the people who's wondering what they will get in the box.  Note that I got a bundle switch, so that explained the physical copy of Super Mario game.   

Let's get the excitement begin shall we...

Drum roll!!!
The first layer you'll see when you open the box.

Accessories (including game) in the second layer.

And these are the things that you'll received together in the box. 
Game dock - power and HDMI port at the back.
Joy-con grips.
Joy-con straps

AC adapter and HDMI cable.

The games: Super Mario Odyssey (included) and I add on the game that will ruin everybody's relationship, Mario Kart 8.

Ugly flat lay for you guys to drool over.

Btw, I got it on sale because of Asia release promo at RM1699 for the bundle set because I know we'll never get it at this price ever again.  Worth every penny!

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