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Busy bee

Hi everyone!  Just a short update.  I'm very happy to announce that this blog will have an affiliate online store and will be launched soon.  Still preparing for a few bits and bots hopefully I can launch it by next weekend.  I'm so excited you guys and as the online store goes live, I will upload the rates and quotations for the paid review service in google docs.  Not to worry, I won't give you any hassle, all links will be in this blog and the online store.

Like i said before, hopefully will launch it by next weekend.  My day desk job is also keeping me occupied so i really wish i got enough energy to prepare all of this within a week or so.



Sunday, February 5, 2017

EP Review | Frost and Revenge - 3 Years in Vain

Holo everyone, I'm back again with a review for the band Frost and Revenge with their new EP that was released on December 2016.  First and foremost, I would like to congratulate them for successfully completing their EP and good God I get to review it on my blog HAHA!!!

Source: Google

Apparently I’m writing this in my office since I have a lot of free time for being very competent with my day job report and only this could help me to stay awake for the next 6 hours of boredom.  

A gentle reminder for you guys, I've already listened to their EP for several rounds so everything I say might not being agreed by some of you but b*tch I'm real and not under the influence of a strong sinus-allergy medicine. 

Disclaimer: Please note that I’m doing this on a VERY VERY PROFESSIONAL basis. Every comments and critics are based on what people want to listen, their demands and etc. Also please note that I'm a bitch so I might be extra honest with every shit I say. Lol!

This album consist of 5 original tracks from the band itself. I must say as an EP this whole CD is freaking amazing. They got the GROOVE going on man!!! Needless to say that's why these awesome guys had performed in gigs outside Malaysia. Kudos to everyone.

Arrangements for the songs were rather complicated but each of them got their very own nifty tunes and nothing is similar from one song to another. I can sense all the efforts combined together for every songs they made. As for me, the strings and drums were truly perfect but the vocals were somehow cringing.

I apologize beforehand for saying this but my first thought on the vocals was WTF? Why? Why would they neglect on the vocals quality? I’m not trying to down-sized their effort but this part here, sorry guys I can't hear that the vocals harmonizes with the songs that much.

I know that their vocalist is an excellent singer but my point here is on the vocal production of this CD not on the person himself.

Also to be extra concerned, there's less existence of vocal dynamics since all I can hear is intense screaming from the beginning till the end of this CD. The voice over in track 5 was ok but at this point, people would ask for more dynamics. 

I know I’m not a certified singer (I only sing in the shower) but I’m criticizing based on FANS/LISTENERS' POINT OF VIEW here. I’m not sure if this is how they assume it would the niche of this EP by outcasting the vocal recording quality but if they do, please brainstorm to find other ways to support every elements in each songs, don't ruin them.


I'm very convinced that you guys are great musicians, so please improve the vocal part because this CD has great materials in it. I know it is not an easy thing to do coz I’m not putting myself in their shoes bla-bla-yada-yada but the quality has to be delivered to the extend. Like i mentioned before, fans/listeners want eargasm in every elements.  

As for me, the track listings were great. Momentum kept building up, literally not disappointing at all and very satisfying.  Arrangements were positively tight af and they totally rocked (oh well, Metal!) my face off.  Honestly I can't wait for them to release an album because I know they have more ravishing materials to make their fans and listeners to have an epic blast.

Best track: Left in Silence
Worst track: None. I like all their songs.  Honest opinion here!
Rating: 4 out of 5 unicorns

Good job Frost and Revenge!

You know what I think I should stop because I'm starting to write like a student who's running out of vocabularies for her 1000 words essay.

Just to look like I've written a lot of stuff here, don't forget to follow Frost and Revenge on social media;

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I eat cereals, not humans 😹


Friday, January 27, 2017

What's in your bag?

Guys, seriously I need to start writing again but I have no idea what should I ramble about nowadays. My shitty routine be like, wake up for work feeling like death, then go back home to hug my bed and the cycle kept repeating the same everyday. Adulthood sucks.

I wish I can be a child again and witness more things with a different and fun perspectives but if I'm acting childish and play outside with all the children in my neighborhood I would have gotten myself arrested. Plus I would have been the bitchiest person in the group.

Imma be like;

''HAHA you're ugly!!!'
"HAHA nobody wants to play with you!!!''
''HAHA I have the 48 color pencils set you bitch!!!''
Btw, to that same-aged kids in elementary who's always tease me because I have curly hair, I pray to God everyday that you gonna wake up tomorrow and have curly hair all over your body and your child would look like a curly beast because HAHA F*CK YOU!  

Kids are terrible when they're honest you know.  Nope, kids just f*cking sucks not just when they're honest but all the time.  I'd still want kids though when we're married but I'll remind them that life is going to hit them right in the face.  EVERYDAY!

Hahaha love you babies!!!

But seriously didn't your parents teach you to accept differences of other people instead of tormenting and teasing them?  That teachings should be adapted since they're babies.  Early childhood development is really important you know, especially for the child's self-esteem and confidence growth.  Humans aren't suppose to be the same, and that makes each and everyone of us beautiful.  Also karma is a bitch.
That's what it felt like when I was a child but if any kids say honest shit to me now I would just them a finger.  Someone should remind them that their lives gonna be suck.
Actually I'm here today is to share something that has nothing to do with the emotional trash above.  I just want to share to you guys of what I have in my bag.   I got inspired by this blog here and in response to the Youtube tag "What's in your bag?" that had been going on for some long ago but today is my turn.

Let's get started!

Firstly my bag must have this ointment because I have zero tolerance on motion illness. Bitch you don't know how sick I can be if suddenly the real time motion doesn't sync with my ear fluid. I could just lie down and do nothing for days.  Just the same as the time when I was unemployed.  Actually this doesn't help that much with the head spinning and the automated vomiting, but the smell I somehow is very soothing for me.  Even when I had some trouble sleeping, I would dab a bit on my nose and it helps me to doze off to the land where I can sit on Synyster Gates' face.  There was one time when the bottle cap had a broken slit, my whole bag had the smell and I was sniffing that shit like a crack addict.  

Second crap is the never ending tangled earphone.  This phenomenon is always a mystery to mankind. Sometimes I would just wear it tangled that way, and hold my phone near to the chin.  Bitch I'm to lazy for drama.

Third one is any random lipstick of the day.  I will always bring a lip color with me just in case for touch ups which I never did.  But who knows you might need to pucker up your resting bitch face in front of yo cheap haters ayyy.

Lastly my holo card pouch and wallet.  Coz bitch, Imma holosexual! 
It may got no money in it but I got all da holo!!!

Okay I'm getting lazy here, so thanks for reading and bye!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cara daftar ez-biz SSM | Khas untuk spesis pemalas mcm aku

Hai semua!!! Ya jangan nak tanjat sangat harini aku blogging cakap Melayu. Selama ni asyik speaking je kan (aku bukan Coco tapi aku sebenarnya memang banyak mix) tapi entry kali ni bagi aku berbakti kepada negara dgn menggunakan bahasa ibunda gittew.

P/s: Aku tak kecam Coco.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

I shall embed some knowledge to you guys today omg!!!

Bila sebut pasal online bisnes, memang ya aku antara peniaga yg tak kuasa nak register ke SSM sbb rasa mcm alah tak banyak untung pon tak pe la, bisnes main2 je, duit lepas nak beli topup mobile data wechat dengan skandal je (tak tu dulu, skrg aku dah insaf takde skandal! Bahahaha!).

Tapi tu dulu zaman budak2 hingusan tak cukup umur lagi.
Sekarang aku dah tua jadi aku gigih pegi SSM untuk register okay!!!

P/s: Authorities, take note saya dah ada kesedaran dan dah register hahahaha.

Okay cerita dia macam ni, aku sekarang nak reopen bisnes yang dah lama mereput tu aku dengan muka baru, brand baru, kejadah semua baru lah. Kenapa nak bukak balik? 

Well sebab first, aku sejenis manusia high maintainance bahahaha. 

 Second, aku nak buat #kahwinfund sebab boleh dikatakan lingkungan umur aku ni mmg dah standard jadi stock2 gatal bij*k nak berlaki, walaupun belum bersedia tapi gatal tu ada so kene lah mula top-up savings dari sekarang buat bekap kot2 tetiba jodohnya sampai awal.  InsyaAllah.

Dipendekkan cerita, aku digertak oleh dua manusia iaitu boipren dan member aku yang juga seorang berdarah kacukan untuk pegi register sebelum launch apa2 product online.  Nasihat mereka hampir similar, ''biar jodoh jangan bodoh''. Eh.  

Lalu macam biasa aku akan cari jalan mudah untuk mensetelkan masalah ni dgn cara menghadap website SSM dan search untuk alternatif pendaftaran secara online. Since ni dikatakan first experience untuk aku, jadi rasa over eksited tu muncul bila aku nampak "ez-biz" tu.

Like omaigod!!! This is crazy but good kind of crazy, I don't have to wait or move. I can sit down and do my shit!!!

Tapi in reality aku kene pegi SSM jugak lepas tu sebenarnya...πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

But we'll get to that story okay...we'll get to that...πŸ˜†

Okay jadi aku explain lah utk korg dgn cara paling mudah wokey nokks.

1) Bukak website SSM

2) Cari dan click "ez-biz".

3) Register for new business ke apebende yang new lah, bukan aku igt pon tapi aku rasa korang faham apa yang aku cuba sampaikan bahahaha. Sign-up here.

4) Isi apa yang patut kat situ, pastikan email tu benar2 wujud dan igt lah username/password korang.

5) Send.

6) Korang akan dapat email notification dari pihak SSM utk cara activatekan account korang tu.

7) Bila dah cek email tu, sila print.

8) Jadi disinilah moment kau harus keluar dari belenggu kemalasan dan pegi ke SSM untuk activatekan account tersebut. Jangan lupa bawak printed copy email, IC dan ibu jari tuan kepada bisnes ittew.

Masa aku pegi SSM Shah Alam, aku tak payah amik nombor ke apa. Aku pegi kaunter pertanyaan pastu encik tu suruh aku gi kaunter pegawai je terus.

Bagi je copy email dan IC, scan ibu jari then jalannnn...

Segala details registration, printing bisnes licence dan etc dibuat dalam portal ez-biz yg dah diactivatekan tu.

Fee? (Via online banking)

Trade Name – RM60 per year (RM5 per month)
Personal Name - RM30 per year (RM2.50 per month)
Branch (s) - RM5 per year for each branch

Haaa so mcm tu lah..senang namatey..tapi aku tau bila mood malas tu muncul, nak click website pon kau tak kuasa kann πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Tapi bila fikir bab kantoi dgn authorities ni, rasa malas pulak nak bayar denda nanti. Aku tau lawak malas ni dah lama dari zaman komik Ujang dulu tapi aku nak cakap jugak.

Ok dah kembali malas nak type.😧😧😧

Bye πŸ˜‰

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy 2017!!! and more...

Hello everyone, I've been blogging for more than 6 years now and I would like to expand my experience with you guys in terms of collaboration, reviews and other relevant media spread in this blog.  Explore my world, my thoughts and my journey in this weird side of the internet.

So feel free to email me and who knows you might be featured in here!

Don't be afraid, I don't bite :D 


Hope everyone have a joyful new year and may 2017 bring more candies rather that shit.

With love,
Amirah Why

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What am I up to these days | Gaming Sims 3 in 2016-Ep. 6

I really should have uploaded this earlier bahahaha.

Mehh you guys always know why, lazy busy yada yada yada.

Well remember I told you that we moved out from that goddamn huge floating mansion?  Yasss we did and also recreate the small house challenge.  Apparently it's not that small but I made it into something minimal and able to make 8 households to move around freely without screaming to a brother who blocked them in front of the refrigerator for nothing.

Also I'm recreating the 100 babies challenge which I never expect this gonna get complete but we'll see..we'll see..But we did got married at the park though 😍😍😍

Here's the most optimal small house that I managed to build:

I'm so in love with the side outdoor staircase and the small tv area πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

I shall present to you the darkly darkly interior of my house πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Cutest halloween themed tv area

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Holosexuality

Well just so you know, I'm a legit HOLOSEXUAL!!!

Thanks to Cristine from SimplyNailogical, I am now a rainbow glitter Goth.  Also managed to convert my boyfriend to be one and he's loving the holosexuality apart from being a true metal guy.

Look at ma nailz!!! This is all your fault Cristine!!!

I'm enjoying this holosexuality as it has already spread to my most favourite stationery store, Typo.  Omg what's not to love guys?  Come on!!!  Stationeries and Holo, the 2 general crap that I like to waste my money on. lol!!!  

Last week was Black Friday and I had no regrets for spending my money in Typo.  After getting off work, I forced my mom to go out with me.  She was like when the hell did I ever give a shit about Black Friday.  Well, actually never, but I really need those Holo items from that store plus with 30% discount why the hell should I never bother about this?  It's like ignoring a gold mine but in this case, I'm spending my golds instead of keeping them 😢😢😢

So here what I got during Black Friday sales;

Feel the Holo Porno...

Look at ma Holo...


Sunday, October 16, 2016

What am I up to these days | Gaming Sims 3 in 2016-Ep. 5

Hello everyone, it's me again!

I've designed a new home on my second game slot (first game slot is the huge mansion).  My concept this time is to get very Zen mode on the front as you enter the house and modern twin loft design on the second floor for skills building.  For bedrooms, I made them all to be in the basement.

Also I'm a big fan of flat roof.

Disclaimer: I've used a lot of custom contents in this house and I don't own any of them.  

Added 2 tapestries on the main wall of the second floor.

Double staircase connecting 2 different sides of the second floor.

Coolest staircase ever!

My living area

Dining area next to the kitchen with purple modern and whimsical Gothic theme.

I need my real kitchen to be like this.  Usually I'd build an island in the middle but this time I don't think it's necessary because this house is not that big actually.

That spiral stairs leads to the bedroom area in the basement.

Consist of 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms.  
Not all completed yet though since my household is only 2 at the moment.

Halloween themed nursery.

The main bedroom.

Well that's all for today.  Hope you guys are inspired to builds something like this :D

Happy simming!

Remember my Gardening Challenge and 10 Generation Challenge that I've never finished because I my laptop crashed into a pit of darkeness twice or more than that

Here are my challenges for you guys to check out...

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