Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Resipi Bubur Jagung / Creamy Corn Dessert Recipe

Hey crazy eaters!!!!  I'm back again with another tutorial of my favorite dessert.. Actually when I was young I hated this dessert so much, but then I just wanna try to make it and thus the love begins..  But I'm never gonna eat it unless I'm the one who cooked it..  I just don't know why -.-''

Ok so here's what you'll need:

1) whole corn kernel/sweet corn kernel (approx. 14-16oz)
2) sweet corn cream style (approx. 14-16oz)
3) brown sugar
4) butter
5) low fat milk


This recipe needs;

1) 14-16oz whole sweet corn kernels
2) 14-16oz cream style sweet corn
3) 3.5 tbsp of brown sugar
4) 1 tsp butter
5) 3/4 - 1 cup of low fat milk


1) Heat up the milk.
2) Add the brown sugar.  Stir until dissolve, the milk will turn slighty brown.
3) Add in the butter.  Continue stirring
4) While the milk mixture is simmering, add in the cream corn and stir well (the cream and milk need to be well combined)
5) Now add in the corn kernels (sift through the liquid from the can)
6) Stir until well mixed, lower the heat and cover the lid
7) Occasionally check and stir the dessert.  Once you see that it's already thickened, turn off the heat, leat it cool for a while and the feasting begins!

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