Thursday, September 24, 2015


Dear Allah,

Give me strength
Give me patience

Thank you for listening.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Design 1 Planner Pages *as requested*

These are how my inserts looks like.  
Hopefully you'll be inspired.  

Agenda covers for 2015-2016

Monthly planner

Weekly planner.

Notes pages

Download my templates and you can edit it by yourself.  
Disclaimer: Images in the templates are from

Explosive Sticker Haul | How I Use My Planner

So I went crazy again but now with stickers...

Most of them I bought from Mr.Diy which is similar to a dollar store concept. 

The only things that I bought from MPH bookstore was the 2-in-1 Sonia stickers set, planner zipper pouch and ghost page flags.  

Good bye money, hello pretty planner!!!


Just encountered week 1 and see how full it is now...  
And yes I use my planner excessively for informations that I received. 
Totally worth all the usage of spaces. 

Ready for week 2 & 3

See design 1 planner inserts examples here

DIY Planner Project | With layout/template design, instructions and examples free downloads

The last few weeks I've been so inspired with having the fancy whimsical planner. The pre-made ones are very boring and plain, so why don't I make them myself.  

At least I can have a chic and personalized planner of my own.  

The basic materials for this project;

Expensive as fuck but I love it.  Simple and beautiful.
1) Blank A5 planner paper (pre-made holes)
2) Empty A5 binder/diary *but I have no choice, those with accurate ring holders are not available anywhere in my town so I gotta buy the shit expensive one ;( 
3) Printer 
4) A whole lot of patience when it comes to editing and choosing the images.

Other stuff will appear when you let your creativity and imagination gone wild.
I'm going to show you the final results of my amazing planner.  To make this yourself, I've uploaded the planner inserts layouts/templates and click on the links given for you to download.  

I don't want to upload my personal planner design files because I respect the copyrights and intellectual property of the images/patterns I found and used from Pinterest website (I've declared all the disclaimers in each downloadable files.)

Hopefully these photos can give you the ideas to personalized your own planner.  I'm sure it would be more satisfying if you make if yourself from scratch.

The cover-agenda of the planner.  A distinct idea I got from listening to Imaginaerum album by Nightwish

I found this on the internet.
The weekly planner pages.
The monthly planner and I love that fucked up unicorn.

My journal cards collection at the moment.
Very limited notes pages.  Since I got myself a new notebook for next semester's subjects.
Pages dividers with skulls motives and my favourite lyrics-quotes.
The monthly planners with designer motives.  Tres' Chic!!!

Free Downloads here:

Have fun and enjoy.  Do leave a comment if you need enquiries.

Monday, September 7, 2015

DIY page tabs stickies

Going for a new semester and thank God we only have 5 subjects instead of 7 like the previous one.  Phewww!  And what is so awesome about it is that I've found a rainbow notebook with 5 different colors marking each color for each subjects.  FUN!

So I found this vintage floral designed page tabs on pinterest, Cut it out one by one and run them through my xyron sticker machine and here's what's left on the strip.

I have some tips to make it placed equally divided and centered;

1) Put the 1st tab on the top of the 1st divider
2) Put the 2nd tab on the bottom of the last divider
3) 3rd tab in the middle of the 3rd divider
4) Add some marking guides for the 4th and 5th tab placements on the 2nd and 4th divider.

I know it's hard to understand so you just go on your instict hahahaha or read the tips thoroughly.

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

removable sticker pockets

Hi love!!!

Since I had tons of stickers and note flags now, and I really want to carry most of them with me, so I made 2 clear plastic envelops and double tape them together.  I didn't make the template but you can search it online.

Also I used decorative paper to make a bias tape at both sides.

Hope you guys like it!

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