Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blook: Story #1

#becauseyousucked #whenarealistoverkillsreality

Friday, March 27, 2015

My new web book (The Blook)

Yes this is the virtual cover of my blook.  May be some day when people would think what I write is good enough, then I would consider to sell it in physical form independently. LOL! 

But for now, this is for the sake of having fun with my hobby to write and judging other people moronic lifestyles.  Hopefully, you'll enjoy this blook and may it bring you to another level of mental retardation.

With love,

Song Ji Hwhy


The Lady of Gothica

#becauseyousucked #whenarealistoverkillsreality

Monday, March 23, 2015


New Project.  Blook.  Web Book.  E-book.

Working on it!!!

More to come soon!!!!


I'm one of the official ambassador. So anyone can use my code to get the discount. Sesape nak pakai jer ok because this code is for you guys out there.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Antara buku dan respect.

Junior aku buat hal.  haha pundek.

Haritu aku ada dapat wassap from sorg junior ni yang sangat eager nak beli buku senior, satu set for sem 3.  Sori la aku mmg tak jual buku dah kali ni.  Pencen.  Tapi pikir balik, baik aku let go buku stats aku sbb aku nak duit.  

Haritu masa nak start deal, aku tgk budak ni mcm semacam je.  Tapi aku be professional lah.  Aku nak duit aku, kau nak buku aku.  Bla bla bla setel la.  

Sebenarnya aku perasan dia mcm pelik sbb tetiba wassap aku x kenalkan diri apa pon.  Slalu budak2 nak beli buku dgn aku mmg akan introduce dulu tanya baik2 tapi style dia ni lain sikit.  Ok fine lah, husnuzon je lah.  


Tadi classmate aku mintak tolong.  

Dia: Why, tolong aku boleh tak?

Aku: Cun! awat?

Dia: Kau kenal F**** kan?

Aku: Errr...sape sial? 

Dia: Dia junior kita, nak beli buku aku la.

Aku: haaaa ok kenal, aku jual buku QMT kat dia

Dia: Tauu.  Budak tu tak habis2 cakap pasal kau, obses giler asik2 sebut nama kau bila deal buku dgn aku.

Aku: dafuq sial?

Dia: ntah la dowh..tapi dia cakap kat aku suro pass buku2 ni kat kau pastu dia amik kat la kat bilik kau nanti.


First reaction aku: Abah dia!?

Second reaction: Aku naik hangin


Aku: Hotak dia weh.  Dia tak mention pape kat aku pasal mintak tolong amik buku lepas tu sukati dia arah kau kasi buku kat aku?

Dia: tau takpe..tu yang aku pelik.  dia mention kau, aku igt dia ada setel dgn kau.

Aku: babi! mana ada dowh..sial la kuaja dowh.  Dah la aku naik tangga pastu expect aku nak angkut buku dia.  Mintak tolong semua apa pon tak.  pundek!

Dia; Aku pon kene gak haritu, aku dah siap bawak buku skali dia cakap tak boleh ambik.  hotak dowh

Aku: Weh, sori la aku x bleh nak tolong kau angkut buku sbb budak ni kuaja dengan aku.  Ko cakap dgn dia amik buku sendiri ikut time kita.  Nak buku, lu pepandai cari masa la.

Dia: ok dowh..tengs tau Why..

Lagi sekali.  Pundek!

Manusia mcm ni pon wujud lagi ya?  Aku tau la dia junir tapi sebaya tapi kau nak buku, kau yg kene cari, bukan orang lain jadi hamba kau lepas tu expect aku nak bgtau buku ada kat bilik.

Sori la.  Kau silap besar deal dgn bitch mcm aku ni.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What have I been doing for the past week...

Last week was kinda hectic and full of frustrations because I attended every classes but 90% of the time there were no lecturers coming in.  A blessing in disguise but when you need to climb us the deadly stairs 2 times per day is shit crazy ya know.  

So these are some of the stuff that I manage to do instead of sleeping at every gaps between classes.

1) Vogue Milan de Paris selfie.

 See how vogue I am when going to classes.

2) Got a visit from a Luciferian.

I took a nap, and went to the toilet to cleanse up before prayers, then I heard something crawled on the ceiling and I know it's not human because the steel can't hold the weight of a human up there. And cats or rats will not have the talent to remove the heavy asbestos board.  God Damn It!

3) I came back home for the weekend.

I car pooled with both of my friends who are a couple and I'm the forever alone person.  I was a sad fuck that day.

But not that sad because I got the shoes I wanted.  I has a very classic hues with the golden frame on the heels part.  Suede at the front and Pleather at the sides.  

Charles and Keith @ RM169.90

4) Baby stuff shopping.

My senior just gave birth to her first new born.  A very healthy and cute baby girl named Hanna.  As a stylish and fussy aunt, of course I wanted to get some excellent toys and stylish dress for the baby.  I managed to pissed my mom of when choosing the outfits but heyyy that's my niece and I wanna be the cool aunt, of course I will drown her in cuteness and rainbows.

And I got these for her.  I love the mini jumpsuit :D

5) Furry baby dumping.

Somebody dumped a kitten at my house.  And now I'm stuck with a child.  Note that I'm in campus so basically mom is stucked with a grandchild that poops everywhere.  Shits going crazy mann,  going crazy!!!

Still don't have a name.  At the moment we're gonna call it ''Baby Song'', since people called me Song Ji Why

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rainbow and Chocolate Haul Review

Hey lovelies!!!  It's been a while (again!).  I've been so busy preparing to be back in college and being miserable with my life.  Never mind, I'm always miserable.  Totally normal with me.

Well, many moons ago I've had been so crazy over the rainbow bhcosmetics makeup brush set but I can't seem to find any local agents or retailers selling these big guns.  But then, I saw this instagram selling makeup products that is hard to find in my country and the best part is, at a cheaper rate compared to other brick and mortar retailers.  

I didn't think that much when I saw it and went ahead screen grabbing and email the owner. I love the service because they are so fast, friendly and you won't feel any doubt when buying from them.  Because you know sometimes when you're asking question or anything they would reply weirdly and you'll get this doubtful instinct, but not with them.  They're all boom, boom, boom and bammm your items (safely) arrived to your door step.

About the brush: The material is synthetic, so not to worry about animal cruelty etc.  Since I haven't used all of them yet, but I must say as far as these certain brushes I have used, the brushes will blend your products smoothly and no excess foundation streak on your cheeks or blotches of powder on your nose crease.  Ah!!!  Also the bristles are so soft.  

Rate: 4.9/5.0

Highly recommended!!

These are the actual product photos:

*taken from BHcosmetics website*

How to buy:

1) Instagram: @makeuphavenvanity



This review is totally outdated.  I'm sorry but the pictures of the actual products I bought were lost.  So, I screen grab the foreign products (to our country) that this online store has come to offer. 

Their services is awesome.  They will give you all the price lists of the available items and all seems affordable to me.  Needless to say, their instagram is full of delicious desserts that will make your inner fatty diva to crave like a zombie.

Check them out:

1) Instagram: @thefoodmansion


whatsapp: 0122750977 (NO CALLS)
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