Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What have I been doing for the past week...

Last week was kinda hectic and full of frustrations because I attended every classes but 90% of the time there were no lecturers coming in.  A blessing in disguise but when you need to climb us the deadly stairs 2 times per day is shit crazy ya know.  

So these are some of the stuff that I manage to do instead of sleeping at every gaps between classes.

1) Vogue Milan de Paris selfie.

 See how vogue I am when going to classes.

2) Got a visit from a Luciferian.

I took a nap, and went to the toilet to cleanse up before prayers, then I heard something crawled on the ceiling and I know it's not human because the steel can't hold the weight of a human up there. And cats or rats will not have the talent to remove the heavy asbestos board.  God Damn It!

3) I came back home for the weekend.

I car pooled with both of my friends who are a couple and I'm the forever alone person.  I was a sad fuck that day.

But not that sad because I got the shoes I wanted.  I has a very classic hues with the golden frame on the heels part.  Suede at the front and Pleather at the sides.  

Charles and Keith @ RM169.90

4) Baby stuff shopping.

My senior just gave birth to her first new born.  A very healthy and cute baby girl named Hanna.  As a stylish and fussy aunt, of course I wanted to get some excellent toys and stylish dress for the baby.  I managed to pissed my mom of when choosing the outfits but heyyy that's my niece and I wanna be the cool aunt, of course I will drown her in cuteness and rainbows.

And I got these for her.  I love the mini jumpsuit :D

5) Furry baby dumping.

Somebody dumped a kitten at my house.  And now I'm stuck with a child.  Note that I'm in campus so basically mom is stucked with a grandchild that poops everywhere.  Shits going crazy mann,  going crazy!!!

Still don't have a name.  At the moment we're gonna call it ''Baby Song'', since people called me Song Ji Why

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