Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rainbow and Chocolate Haul Review

Hey lovelies!!!  It's been a while (again!).  I've been so busy preparing to be back in college and being miserable with my life.  Never mind, I'm always miserable.  Totally normal with me.

Well, many moons ago I've had been so crazy over the rainbow bhcosmetics makeup brush set but I can't seem to find any local agents or retailers selling these big guns.  But then, I saw this instagram selling makeup products that is hard to find in my country and the best part is, at a cheaper rate compared to other brick and mortar retailers.  

I didn't think that much when I saw it and went ahead screen grabbing and email the owner. I love the service because they are so fast, friendly and you won't feel any doubt when buying from them.  Because you know sometimes when you're asking question or anything they would reply weirdly and you'll get this doubtful instinct, but not with them.  They're all boom, boom, boom and bammm your items (safely) arrived to your door step.

About the brush: The material is synthetic, so not to worry about animal cruelty etc.  Since I haven't used all of them yet, but I must say as far as these certain brushes I have used, the brushes will blend your products smoothly and no excess foundation streak on your cheeks or blotches of powder on your nose crease.  Ah!!!  Also the bristles are so soft.  

Rate: 4.9/5.0

Highly recommended!!

These are the actual product photos:

*taken from BHcosmetics website*

How to buy:

1) Instagram: @makeuphavenvanity

email: makeuphavenvanity@gmail.com


This review is totally outdated.  I'm sorry but the pictures of the actual products I bought were lost.  So, I screen grab the foreign products (to our country) that this online store has come to offer. 

Their services is awesome.  They will give you all the price lists of the available items and all seems affordable to me.  Needless to say, their instagram is full of delicious desserts that will make your inner fatty diva to crave like a zombie.

Check them out:

1) Instagram: @thefoodmansion

email: thefoodmansion@gmail.com

whatsapp: 0122750977 (NO CALLS)

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