Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pantang pegi kenduri... (Kekampungan alert!!!)

Harini aku story ikut bahasa ibunda pulak lah...  Eceh bahjets nak mamposkan selama ni asyik speaking London je padahal result MUET aku terang2 rasa mcm membazir aku bayar rm100 hahahaha!

Last Sunday, kawan zaman sekolah aku ajak datang kenduri makan-makan sempena besday mak dia..  Dahtu aku ni dinaikkan pangkat jadi salah sorang tukang forward invitation pasai mangkuk ni banyak hilang number kawan2..  Sah ni kes dok tukor2 talipon nihh..  Jadi kakbang-kakbang kawasan pon mendapat jemputan dan hadir utk memeriahkan majlis..

Bila aku cakap meriah, bukan maksud dia mcm datang ramai-ramai, salam dan makan ya..  Kami ni jenis orang yang tak boleh bawak pegi majlis.. Kampung darat punya..  Kalo bakal mak mertua tgk aku ni, mau mengucap beliau sambil mengomel;

 ''Kenapa Roslan?  Kenapa kau pilih dia ni?  Mak ada calon yg lebih baik kamu!!!''.. 

 Cerita dia sekarang kenapa nama Roslan?  

Aku membayangkan suami aku nama beliau Brian, Haner, Snyster atau Gates.. -.-''
Abang tak pernah tak hensem sbb tu mahar cinta sangat-sangat

*wain glass itu sekadar hiasan (bersangka baik)*

Ok cerita aku dah drifted away sikit..  Mungkin bila masuk usia remaja dewasa, kegelabahan aku utk berkahwin sangat mencanak-canak..  

Ehhh bukan sebab perasaan ingin tahu kehebatan suami diranjang ok!!!  
Kuajaq pikir mcm tu! 

 Cuma aku kesian kat orang sekeliling nak melayan meroyan aku, biar kemeroyanan ini dilepaskan pada si suami hahahahahahaahha

Babi geli aku punya ayaaaatttt!!!!!!

Baik lah sebelum perkara geli ini makin berleluasa baik aku stop..


Suami Isteri (greens) dan si single yang pehanya makin besar padahal baby pon makan lagi banyak dari beliau..

Dibelakang muka serabut tu adelah tuan rumah..  Mekap mak pon dah cair nokk..  

Aku rasa cabaran jadi Gothic di Malaysia ni pasai cuaca panas sentiasa, lagi-lagi musim El Nino..  Masa dalam bilik, muka dah acah-acah Alice Cooper habis dah, bila keluar je rumah makeup aku mcm ''shing shing shing'' cair dan hilang dengan sendirinya..

Rambut pon dah makin buruk..  Ciss!!!

Bersama along saya...  Beliau masih bermuka kepops ring ding dong..


Top - Nichii
Seluor - Uniqlo
Handbag - Kembar saya bagi
Kasut - Scholl 

Inilah bakat sebenar aku, buat muka.. 

 Karaoke lagu ''Bertakhta Di Hati'' hanyalah bakat sampingan..

Selfie ketiak banjir

Sebelum mekapnya cair dan rambut menjadi serabai... 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Resipi Bubur Jagung / Creamy Corn Dessert Recipe

Hey crazy eaters!!!!  I'm back again with another tutorial of my favorite dessert.. Actually when I was young I hated this dessert so much, but then I just wanna try to make it and thus the love begins..  But I'm never gonna eat it unless I'm the one who cooked it..  I just don't know why -.-''

Ok so here's what you'll need:

1) whole corn kernel/sweet corn kernel (approx. 14-16oz)
2) sweet corn cream style (approx. 14-16oz)
3) brown sugar
4) butter
5) low fat milk


This recipe needs;

1) 14-16oz whole sweet corn kernels
2) 14-16oz cream style sweet corn
3) 3.5 tbsp of brown sugar
4) 1 tsp butter
5) 3/4 - 1 cup of low fat milk


1) Heat up the milk.
2) Add the brown sugar.  Stir until dissolve, the milk will turn slighty brown.
3) Add in the butter.  Continue stirring
4) While the milk mixture is simmering, add in the cream corn and stir well (the cream and milk need to be well combined)
5) Now add in the corn kernels (sift through the liquid from the can)
6) Stir until well mixed, lower the heat and cover the lid
7) Occasionally check and stir the dessert.  Once you see that it's already thickened, turn off the heat, leat it cool for a while and the feasting begins!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sims3 Green Challenge: Are you good enough to garden?

Again, bored with the sims for having the usual gameplay?

So I came out with an idea to make your game play interesting, fun and damn tiring so that you can turn off the computer and start studying.  Not sure how original my idea is but if you have seen a challenge like this before then please do tell me okay guys?

Alright!  Straight to the challenge!!!!

The Sims 3 Green-Environment Challenge
(as a virtual contribution of saving the environment)

Multiple challenges (explanation):

1) Generate household income exceeding $1 million without a job
 -(gardening, collecting bugs, gemstones etc.)

2) Plant all types of seeds including the special plants exist in the map 
-(refer this link for plant list)
-(If you have many expansions, plant every seeds you can find from all game expansions)
-(If you only have one expansion pack only, don't worry just go on with what that particular expansion has)

3) Live your live without cars/taxi , use bicycle, run or jog options.

4) Don't go to classes, learn skills manually.
-(use the gym, library, buying books is allowed)


1) Don't use any cheats for money etc.  Only to make the ''needs static" is allowed to ease your game play.

2) If you want to save money from buying the seeds, you can pick out seed from all over the town map.  As long as you manually generate the $1 million. 
-(money redeemed from the money tree is allowed)

3) For the traits is up to you, I picked the most easy to deal with.  Refer pictures below for my traits and lifetime wish.  This is optional, pick what ever suits you the most. 

4) For the house, pick the pre-made ones or build a new house as long as you have large compound area for you to garden and enough money left  to support your sims' expenses.

5) If you're playing Supernatural expansion, using the fairy's ''Bloom" technique is allowed.  Also don't forget to gate your garden area and set ''allow only me and my household'' to the gated area to avoid zombies from eating your plants. 

6) No maids!!!  Clean the house yourself 

7) HAVE FUN!!!

*New Update after the gaming bloodshed*


Bitches get omnified

So this is how far I've came...

And this is the value of money bag harvested


Since my previous game play are all gone (more details here) so, I re-do this challenge with everything new..  I will update it here as usual for you guys but sorry for the poor resolution, my laptop is fucked up so I need to lower the graphics to ensure I have smooth gaming..  My bad dudes.

So here's my new apartment..  I made 2 stories of stairs before going into the family areas so that i can utilize all the space for my garden

The view of my floating lair.

How our garden looks like..  

I've decided, since buying fishes to make them as fertilizers are costing me a lot of cash, so I extend the garden to make an orchard, the harvests will be the fetilizer for my garden..

Also did get married and gave birth to 6 slaves 

Ultimate slavery..

As I've calculated, this is the current amount of fruits and vegetables sold..  Got a long way to go

Day 5

My current account.

I mounted a vampire and a death fish and that's how they looked like..

Also got married.

Day 4 (more than $100k)

So, I forgot that I planted the death flower in front of my house and ended up being eaten by the zombies that kept respawning every 5 seconds..  I tried the method I used before to get rid of the zombies for ever but it didn't work.  Goddamn it!! So I decided to keep the death flower in my inventory..

Later that day, I came up with an idea to place the magic jelly beans around my yard.  At least the zombies could eat them instead of my plants.  And if I'm lucky enough some of them might die after eating the flaming jelly beans (believe me, I was VERY lucky)

Also my adopted daughter died, there was a zombie riot, she was bitten and decided to let her go..  No point of keeping a zombie kid anyways hahahha...  But I did found a man, partied all night long and he moved in into my household

Since, my household account already exceeding more the $100k so I decided to add a floor to the house, just incase if we wanted to have kind etc..

I managed to find a vampire to bite me, turn into a vampire and bit my guy..  It's easier to be a vampire rather than the fairy, a witch or a pathetic zombie.. Ahhh here's a trivia, if you a normal vampire bites you, he or she will bite you on the wrist but if you are having a special relationship with a vampire, it will bite you on the neck..  It feels a bit more romantic I think..

My garden is very very productive at the moment, so definitely need more household to help me with the farming business.. One of my life plant died (oh the irony), and I found out that every life plant has the little white-ish circle in the middle on its barren state..  On the living plant, the white circle will be on the top of the life fruit..  Seems magical and can't believe I'm so into this crap -.-#

Day 3

Day 3 update is a bit crazy because my adopted daughter died, because she ate too much jelly beans.  I was a bit bored so I made her eat those jelly beans continuously and she instantly dies.  Not sure her ghost glows like that because of the jelly beans or something else since you can actually eat a jelly bean, burn yourself to death and you ghost will be the usual flaming-orange.

That's how the icon on tombstone looks like if you die because of magic jelly beans over dose..

So I decided to adopt another girl and she just had her birthday!

Ok!  Back to gardening story.  I found an omni plant at the science facility and is has to be fed.  Previously I fed it with honey and the next day it produces bottles of honey.  Still not able to find the omni plant seeds though.

Also I went around town to pick up some random seeds and planted them in the miscellaneous garden area.  I'll wait for it to grow, hopefully I'll get some new plants like the life plant and more money trees.

Currently I've mastered the gardening level, so I'm capable of planting eggs and cheese.  I know it's ridiculously weird!

Day 2

a) Found some seeds and what a jackpot!  They're Money tree seeds! Yes you would harvest bags of money.

b) Manage to harvest a death flower from the cemetery, and grown this one from my lawn.

c) Adopted a child, and bought her a water slide to enjoy while I'm gardening.

d) How my garden looks like at the moment. 

Here's my challenge update...

Day 1

a) My shockingly beautiful monochrome pre-made house.

b) Amature in gardening.

c) Blooming gated garden area


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