Monday, April 29, 2013

Vamp In Da House on Tumblr

This is weird but I finally make myself a tumblr, and I just reliazed it's basically a blog so I kinda waste 3 hours looking out for the best theme for my tumblr...hahahahaha yes sometime I didn't think of what I'm doing..

But since it is more like an interactive blog, so I'm gonna make my tumblr like a reference page of this this link that and baaaammm!!!  Redundancy of photography!

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Btw, I've already uploaded two videos for the read and black week, hope you guys can wait until June where I'll finally publish it here,in my official blog and most probably in my tumblr too because I'm an attention whore...hahahahahahahah

Ok see ya soon!

Have a nice day :D

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A friend's artwork...

I got a bro here from my college who's a damn good artist, so I just want you guys to watch this awesome puking rainbow of artistic-ness video and don't forget to subscribe to his channel

Thanks :D

Bloody Happiness

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Ok I finally managed to upload my game play, although it has a crappy quality but deal with it people, my area has a suck-ass network :(

why don't you tryout this game ^_^

click on this website:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Polyvore: Pink Macrabe

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Red & Black Week 2013: Planning some treats...

Miss Kitty from Sophistique Noir  has updated about the upcoming 3rd annual red & black week...  It will be held from 2nd to 8th of June and I'm so excited about it!!!

I might not be posting everyday but I'll try my best to update in alternating days..  If not, I shall apologize earlier..

So have you guys plan anything for this??  I was thinking of posting about sweet treats that are made in red and black..  There's one medium that I could think of: WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!

Hopefully I'm passionate enough to be a food artist...

Should I take only photos or express with my newest hobby, vlogging?

At first let's just hope I can get the fastest wifi connection before starting anything since currently I'm using a broadband stick and it always making me angry when uploading videos or huge pixels photos -.- sigh.

Well, hope to see you guys soon!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

(Vlog) A dark day to play: engagement wish

STATUS:Aww yeaah!

Hello!!  This is my first vlog entry so I hope you guys liked it..  I wanted to try something different for my blog so now I'm trying to upload the video and I'll post it as soon as God give me mercy to have a lightning speed of internet...

Also thanks to my bro for an awesome outing today!!!
Ok sorry for the delay, I finally got to upload my video but I can't get the best quality due to internet circumstances, sorry for that y'alls..

Details of the songs I've used are at the description box on my channel..

"for higher quality ( i hope) just click at the video will directly link into my channel and just select the highest quality available for it.."

Check out my boots!!!!  Check out my boots!!!

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