Sunday, April 21, 2013

Red & Black Week 2013: Planning some treats...

Miss Kitty from Sophistique Noir  has updated about the upcoming 3rd annual red & black week...  It will be held from 2nd to 8th of June and I'm so excited about it!!!

I might not be posting everyday but I'll try my best to update in alternating days..  If not, I shall apologize earlier..

So have you guys plan anything for this??  I was thinking of posting about sweet treats that are made in red and black..  There's one medium that I could think of: WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!

Hopefully I'm passionate enough to be a food artist...

Should I take only photos or express with my newest hobby, vlogging?

At first let's just hope I can get the fastest wifi connection before starting anything since currently I'm using a broadband stick and it always making me angry when uploading videos or huge pixels photos -.- sigh.

Well, hope to see you guys soon!

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