Sunday, April 14, 2013

(Vlog) A dark day to play: engagement wish

STATUS:Aww yeaah!

Hello!!  This is my first vlog entry so I hope you guys liked it..  I wanted to try something different for my blog so now I'm trying to upload the video and I'll post it as soon as God give me mercy to have a lightning speed of internet...

Also thanks to my bro for an awesome outing today!!!
Ok sorry for the delay, I finally got to upload my video but I can't get the best quality due to internet circumstances, sorry for that y'alls..

Details of the songs I've used are at the description box on my channel..

"for higher quality ( i hope) just click at the video will directly link into my channel and just select the highest quality available for it.."

Check out my boots!!!!  Check out my boots!!!

#camoufludgeGoth #GothicMilitary

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