Friday, March 22, 2013

This is how I sim... #sims3

So okay!  Spent the whole day playing sim3 and nothing much I can do..  Like the usual make most of the skills to level 10, get a job, get married and start to produce babies 5 seconds after the wedding -.-''

And here's how it goes...

I tried to re-create the face of Gates...  Stared & focused at his photo in my android for 2 hours and I did ended up kinda similar..

I'm pretty sure none of you guys can guess who this girl is..  I tried to make a face of Gemma Arterton (Imma big fan of the Witch Hunters movie), some of my friends said they do look alike..  But I don't know..  What do you think?

Yeah yeah...marriage proposal next to a white couch with the muscular girl wearing like one of the Pussycat Dolls...

Baaamm!!! The wedding at the outdoor dining area next to a pool and a fat middle age guy in-accidently photo bombing in my shot..

And they just had a baby girl...

Annnddd I get bored...

I need to get some sleep maaaaan!

Ok bye have a nice day :D

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