Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shooting done, welcome to the hell of editing

So, here's a lil bit of our Mandarin 2 video project...  I'm not sure if I can upload it here, since the video gonna be some mother of GB size..  :(

But, yeah, we are the actors, writers, directors and crews!!  Except for the guy in black shirt, he's just bored staying in his room so we invited him to join and watch us act..ahaha!

Ahhh it's been a long time since I had a photoshoot, so here's the only photo I got that looked like a photoshoot but it actually will be in our video as the intro..

Imagine in your head the song by T-max 

"Almost Paaaraaadise!!!!"

Soooo, about my outfit here, I got the white chiffon shirt with stud at the collar part from FOREVER 21..  I was kinda desperate too look out for a perfect white shirt and thank god I found this well structure piece..  My purse is from CHARLES & KEITH, which I got it a looong time ago, you know when quilted Chanel inspired bag was a huge trend although it is still trending until today..  Ever-Freaking-Green!! *awesome*

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