Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monthly Post Theme: March Entry!!!

Hey guys! I'm so excited to participate in this month's purple theme..  Actually I kinda lost track of time and i didn't realise it's already MARCH!!!!  I felt like I'm having a hangover week although there's no alcohol involved but wasted moment is over and now I shall stick any random purple stuff all over this month's entry!!  Wehooo!!!!

Btw Miss Kitty, I love your scarf!!!

So, here what I got:

1) My Anne Stokes duvet covet..  Yup the similar design!!  

photo: credits to Google (EMP Online UK)

2) Also I'm crazy for cuticle care, so I got a set of Mariah Carey's Liquid Sand Collection from OPI at Sephora..  The pic below is the outcome of liquid sand texture without and with flash..  And my friend, as usually always the victim of my manicure-diva craze since she got the most awesome shaped nails..

Nailed it!!! Got it?? 

Color: Can't Let Go

3) I just found out that I brought my plum lipstick here!!  

From: Avon
Color: Pure Plum

So, for fashion talk, I always get my review from Polyvore..
Dress   (see more keyhole dresses)

Yes!  I have this weird fashion mood is that I will look out for anything Greecian Goddess look..  As you know I always go for black but this mood is an exception..  Well, just imagine you're wearing, in this case PURPLE  Empire waistline, Golden/Silver belts, Keyholes, Long flowy perfect drapes with messy up-do and thin golden leaves headband...  

One word to describe: Legendary

But there are also other possible words like;
Heeyy lady!!  I hate you, I want your dress *punch*

Eda earrings
Eda earrings   (see more enamel jewelry)

See, anything color can go with Gold

Okay wait!!!

 Are we talking bout Gold or Purple here?  

What the hell am I reviewing about?

Hahaha okay, hope you guys enjoy my "like and old lady, trying to write again after so long logged out from le blog" entry..

Have a nice day!!!  Bye!!!
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Lesthis gothworld said...

Those bedsheets are so pretty! <3

Caitlin said...

That dress is so pretty! I love the grecian look too. :)

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

That nail polish is endlessly awesome!! Love the duvet cover, too. Purple is the perfect color for fantasy-themed art!

Thank you for participating the Purple theme!

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