Thursday, March 14, 2013

Such a week of hell

Hi guys, sorry for not being able to blog again..  I had such a hell of a week and today I just got my chance to online, crashing some games and changing my system's cursor for every 5 minutes..

So, i shall start my story with this photo i snapped 2 weeks ago I think..  It's the starting of doom..  My first oral Chinese language test before facing other tests from my hell born subjects..

Me, with one of my close friends..  

My outfit:
Assymetrical Faded Pink top from Kitschen
As usual, my black cardi from VOIR

Darkest Brown & Black eyeshadow used as liner

Well I shall say this week was a huge challenge for us..  Of course it's a mega ultra unicorn rainbow poop type of challenge for me i believe because I hate to study..  I mean going to classes for weeks is fine for me but I'm not a big fan of sitting down and read some books..  

Reading Harry Potter or Barbara and Allan Pease's books are fine, but not educational books..  I'm pretty sure most of you guys also have the same feeling as mine..  I'll be like opening my book but my eyes totally scrolling through 9gag and watch some Laura Vitale cooking show on youtube..  

p/s: Miss Vitale, I'm a big fan to your cooking!!  And you are so awesome!!

But since I had 2 tests on Tuesday, a test & quiz on Wednesday and a killer test on Thursday, so I had to motivate myself and get into the lifeless week..  I read and eat and read and sleep and read and calculate and cry and feel like hanging myself to the ceiling fan..  That's how my week went by..  

I'm glad it's all over..  Well not really over since I'll be having my final exam next month but I just gonna spend my weekend here with fun stuff...

Hmmm talking about food here, I love watching ''Laura in the kitchen'' channel on youtube..  She makes loads of delish cuisine but in a very simple way..  Like hey!  A lazy girl like me totally can make all these food..  God, how i wish I'm at home now cooking and eating alone on my bed while watching running man in front of my nearly-same-age stand fan..

Maybe I should try making one of the famous dessert in The Sims 3, key lime pie when I get back..  And it's a no bake pie!!  How simple is that!?

p/s: check out on her website people!!!

Yup! Totally gonna try this

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