Monday, December 28, 2015

Busy as a bee.

I don't even know what to share with you guys about my life.

So, let's make a list of what's actually happening:

1) One of my good friends became a piece of shit and made us all clean up her shit.  I'm so annoyed and actually came to a sense that I had enough of her.  Leave me fucking alone.

2) Thinking to venture a business in fashion with my friend.  

3) I had a minor depression and it was terrifying.  I wet my bed <-- a="" and="" bed="" better.="" bullshit="" day="" deep="" depressing="" do="" emotions="" extent.="" fight="" fighting="" font="" getting="" god="" guess="" had="" hank="" have="" holding="" i="" in="" laundry="" lot="" m="" made="" mess="" my="" nbsp="" of="" onto="" other="" people="" realized="" so="" still="" sudden="" that="" the="" this.="" to="" until="" up="" was="" wet="" yup="">

4) Currently I'm facing my final exams and really hope to end this fast.  

So yeah...

That's what actually happening..

Friday, December 4, 2015

Life Update 6: Melbourne Class Vacation | Educational Trip

Sorry for being missing again for a long time.  

Just to catch up with you guys, I went overseas with my whole classmates for our academic trip.  It was a whole week trip and I was so overwhelmed with everything hahaha.  

There's nothing much for me to talk about actually and I guessed you guys don't even have the time to read, so let's just enjoy this Vlog and photos below.

Good day everyone!

I'm a child-like 22 year old kid hahaha

Things went more awesome when you bump into the Sultan of Johor.  
Thank you Tuanku for your wonderful treat.

The little garden at the Shrine of Remembrance.

It felt like I'm at Wacken Open Air

The most hurting shoes ever worn.  I regret buying it so much :(

Going to the beach

Bath House of Brighton Beach


Met my high school mate

The Weirdos

Monday, November 23, 2015

#LostNotForgotten 2015 Showcase | List of Bands

10 bands will be performing
Sound x Studio Official, Jalan Reko, Kajang 

28th November 2015

#LostNotForgotten Showcase by ethereal.hereath

Find them on;

Life Update 5: Washi tape & Traveller's Notebook Haul

1) Shakerdori by Kak Miko (handmade product)

#mikodori #mikodorisparkling #shakerdori

The inside part

Outside of the cover plus a free bicycle charm

How it looks like folded

The shakerdori thickness.

2) Washi tapes (with free gifts from each sellers)

Happy shopping!!!


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life update 3: A "planner" surprise

Remember that I bought an extra black planner.  

Well I'm making a surprise for my boyfriend.  He was so in love with my planner and I remembered him telling me that he wants one.  So I've decided to get one for him that is way more cheaper than mine, but still would make him feel wonderful like a happy little girl :D

I started with these kinds of page dividers.  
Patterns found on 

And these are the diy planner goodies I made for his planner.  
But I changed the dashboard since it's too big and crappy

The Planner...

Compared to my planner (left)

The front cover.  
I left a blank area in the middle so he can decorate it himself.  
*Aku tak kuasa*

The new dashboard.  Smaller and compact.

Here is where the inserts start...

Rainbow Notes

Monthly layout.

Weekly layout.

The decorations.

I really hope that he would love it.

Cross my finger :D


Update: Already surprised him last night, he likes it hehehe

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