Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life update 3: A "planner" surprise

Remember that I bought an extra black planner.  

Well I'm making a surprise for my boyfriend.  He was so in love with my planner and I remembered him telling me that he wants one.  So I've decided to get one for him that is way more cheaper than mine, but still would make him feel wonderful like a happy little girl :D

I started with these kinds of page dividers.  
Patterns found on 

And these are the diy planner goodies I made for his planner.  
But I changed the dashboard since it's too big and crappy

The Planner...

Compared to my planner (left)

The front cover.  
I left a blank area in the middle so he can decorate it himself.  
*Aku tak kuasa*

The new dashboard.  Smaller and compact.

Here is where the inserts start...

Rainbow Notes

Monthly layout.

Weekly layout.

The decorations.

I really hope that he would love it.

Cross my finger :D


Update: Already surprised him last night, he likes it hehehe

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