Monday, October 5, 2015

I am a muslim but...

I don't say that much about my religion but this video made by Karim really touched me and I know how he really felt.  

Here's is what I'm gonna say after for so long I'm holding it back;

I am a muslim, but once a sister told me if I go to a non-muslim country I would get really ruined and forget my religion.

I am a muslim, but being a goth is my way of life.  
Goth is just only a culture, not a religion and I can be in any culture that I want as long as it doesn't contradict with my religion. 

I am a muslim, but people judge me on how I look.

I am a muslim, but having a different hair color made people think that I'm kafir.

I am a muslim, but I don't wear hijab.

I am a muslim, once I posted a mourning-condolences picture, a brother told me that I worship satan.

I am a muslim but my other muslim brothers and sisters judged me because they are not convinced that I practice the stands of my religion.

I am a muslim but people expected me to show all my Islamic practices.  
I don't need to show it because Allah knows all my doings and if I show you, what differences would it make, you don't even have the almighty power to decide on your life and what makes you think that you can decide and judge on mine (or others)?

I'm a muslim and I don't care of what you think.  
I have Allah and I don't need you to "hisab" on me.  
Only Allah can judge who goes to heaven and hell, not you. 

So now I want you to think about it, by going to religious classes, going to the mosque everyday, covering yourself up, posting religious entries on social media, advising others to be how it is suppose to be, showing your religious appearance, posting your good deeds and practices...

Just ask yourself this;

Are you being SINCERE about it?

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