Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life update 1: Planner stuff | Haul & Unboxing | Planner supplies shop review

Sorry for being away for too long.

So here's what I'm getting into the planning stuff;

-------------PLANNER GOODIES-------------

Includes, lorem ipsum notepads, crown pencil, gold leaf paper clip, bookmarks and journal cards

also i bought this mini binder so I can clip in the previous months entries.

lastly my diy planner charm using my fav pendant and the other half of it is with my best friend. #besties

-------------PLANNER PAGES DECOR-------------

The decors that I managed to make...yay!!!

-----HAUL FROM New Dressing-----

They have the fastest service, got em in less than 3 days.  
Also my items were packed closely and secure

Definitely a whole bunch of planner goodies that I'm so in love with and I can't stop buying so please help me!

-------------UNBOXING FROM CINCAIBUY.COM-------------

Fast service, although have delay due to huge wave of deliveries, my items still arrived in very good condition.  I've shop with them a few times before so far every order I made had safely arrived and secured.


The pink one was ordered by my friend.

And I'm considering to start journaling after seeing this notebook.

Yep, the title of my random journal

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