Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rough (enjoyable) week


Doesn't it sync with something?

Yes it does because this semester we'll be doing 2 videos and the main one is for our Critical and Creative Thinking subject..  So this time we're shooting about excessive usage of drugs among youngsters and here are the teaser photos of our vid...  I wish I can upload the whole video just like the other 2 vids in Mandarin classes semesters ago but my friends are kinda shy to show their awesome talent on youtube :( but I'll try my best to convince them so that I can upload them for you guys to watch...

I can't stop being a dumbass --''

No make-up face for drug-eater scene

It's hard to look high..I can only show how sleepy I was


Getting caught by the police shot

Flippin' table bitches!!!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Sims 3: It's a fashion conspiracy

Hi guys!  My class finished early today so it's time for another sims3 blogpost.  Ok before that, if you are always on polyvore searching for dresses and gowns, you guys probably might came across these 2 beautiful gowns by Alexander McQueen.

Royal Goth

I wish that I can wear one of these on my wedding hahah!!  Well before this I can only dream about these gowns, but a few days ago I've found something very awesome from Sims3 custom content directory blogs..

And I can assume the it was one of the happiest day of my life
 (too dramatic? --'')


So I would like to thank Meronin  for making my day after two miserable days of preparing for presentation on my 2nd week of this semester ..  


Well besides that, I would like to share you guys some of my most favourites:

Fashion, beauty and genetics:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My 2nd Red & Black Week: Nails...nails everywhere

No more food...

Today is just a short and simple nail art that I would like to share..  

For my simple nail art, I used (in sequence)

1)2 coats of Revlon-Creme' Brule
2) 2 coats of Revlon-Valentino
3) 1 stroke of O.P.I liquid sand in red
4) 1 stroke of Elianto-Jet black

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My 2nd Red & Black Week: A Tragic Romance of a Pie and how a pie monster would eat it

Hey guys

Welcome back to my blog.  For today I would like to share another sweet treats with dark red and black chocolate roses..

Looks like a cake...

But it's not cake..

It's non-bake lime pie!!!! 


I wish this is what my wedding cake will look like =.=

Again, I managed to vlog about this recipe I got from Laura Vitale's website but I did substitute some ingredients of the pie that she made..

before that, here's where I get the recipe;

 I cannot find Graham cookies, lime pie and freeze whip topping so I substitute with Marie biscuits, big lime, and whip cream..

Check out my video of how I made the pie :D

I recommend that you cut down the amount of the sweetened condense milk, because I put mine too much and it was freaking sweet that I felt I should hit my head to the wall..  Ok that was dramatic, but seriously cut down the sweetness..

hmm maybe because I don't like anything that is too sweet...

I put some silver edible pearls, just to make it more romantic..hehe

How the roses turned out to be like...

The yummy crust!!!

Finally, how should I eat it??

Like a horrific zombie of course!!!!!

Pie Monstaaaaahhh!!!!!

Feel free to try it and have a nice day <3 nbsp="">

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Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY tinted lipbalm *tutorial*

Hello dear readers!  Today I'm posting photo tutorial on making tinted lip balm using petroleum jelly.  I'm sure you guys have already knew about this process a million years ago and I didn't really care to make one, but I had a sudden realization that I have chapped lips and my Rimmel lipstick is nearly towards its end, so why not I scoop off everything and make an everyday lip balm for myself...

And I followed the tutorial from this video I found on youtube..

And here we go..

You'll need:
1) Small containers (any shapes, preferably smaller the better)
2) Pertroleum jelly 
3) Old lipsticks
4) Hairdryer (use in melting process)
5) Scooping, scraping and cutting tools
6) toothpicks

Scoop a little portion of petroleum jelly and put into the container..  Here's the trick,   if you want a paler color just add an extra amount out petroleum jelly but for a darker and similar like how the original lipstick looks like, just add a little bit..
Cut a chunk of your lipstick and put into the container
Plug in your hairdryer and melt them all...  It took about 5-10 minutes to melt the lipstick, so to decrease the time, cut or mash the lipstick to small pieces...
As you can see the vaseline has already melted, so now start to stir the mixture together  and at the same time still use the hairdryer to continue melting the mixture
Since my container is kinda huge, so I scooped out everything from the lipstick slug (case) 
That's the extra amount of lipstick left from the slug so don't waste it...
Melting and stirring and melting and stirring...
And baaaammm!!!!

Then, I got bored and began to feel like a cosmetic engineer, so I made another one because trust me, i'm an engineer...hahahahahha ok that's not funny enough..sorry.

Vaseline, maroon lip gloss, vintage pink lipstick and a bit of plum (on the stick)
Again, baaaaammm!!!! The color had a slight change and I love it!
Therefore, I'll show you guys the end products

How it looks like from the bottom of the container
Also when I bought these containers, they're packed in plastic bags like this

I'm a happy bitch *tears*

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My 2nd Red & Black Week: Can failure turned cake-pops into fudge?

Hi everyone!!! I'm back for this year's Red&Black Week.. Just for information for new readers of my blog, this week theme was created by the goth fashionista, Miss Kitty of Sophistique Noir and the participants just have to create as many entries as they can for the whole week with anything red and black..

The most important thing is to have FUN!

For last year, I did 2 self-shoot fashion model wannabe thingy with my mostly black and mostly red-ish maroon outfits and the following entry, I think I posted out about my jeweleries..

My last year's entries:

For this year I was thinking why don't I make something different and fattening..HAHA! 
 Then I came up with a few ideas and plans to make something that can be considered Red and Black, Zombie-ish, excessive usage of white chocolate, and something delish that probably will give out some ideas for Halloween..

Therefore, for the first day of participation I shall make you guys crave for chocolates like zombies running for braaaaaaaiiiinnnnssss!!!! Muahahaha!

if it's not redish-maroon enough, believe me the food dye really have a talent of making dissapointment :(
Honestly, these Zombified mini cake fudge didn't came into my mind until some epic fail happened while I was dipping my suppose-to be-cakepops in the melted chocolate (it was the saddest 5 seconds of my life T_T)..  My cakepops tend to break off from its stick so I've decided to turn the pops into these mini cakes and I randomly piped the melted white chocolate dyed in maroon to make them looked like squished bloody brains..  

There were lots of technical errors while doing this but I was happy with the outcome because I was so glad that most of friends and families who tried these had a good time..  Well, I can bet that nothing will taste good enough until you put Nutella in it -.-'' haha!

Now it's vlog time!  I managed to vlog the process of making these treats but I edited out the fail part, sorry no bloopers :(

My head was like ''ok think of something!!!'', so decided that;

with sticks = cakeops
no stick = mini cakes that look like fudge 

*sometimes cheater wins*

and I hope you guys enjoy my video :D

If you have any questions regarding the recipe, feel free to ask me :D

Have a nice day 

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