Sunday, June 2, 2013

My 2nd Red & Black Week: Can failure turned cake-pops into fudge?

Hi everyone!!! I'm back for this year's Red&Black Week.. Just for information for new readers of my blog, this week theme was created by the goth fashionista, Miss Kitty of Sophistique Noir and the participants just have to create as many entries as they can for the whole week with anything red and black..

The most important thing is to have FUN!

For last year, I did 2 self-shoot fashion model wannabe thingy with my mostly black and mostly red-ish maroon outfits and the following entry, I think I posted out about my jeweleries..

My last year's entries:

For this year I was thinking why don't I make something different and fattening..HAHA! 
 Then I came up with a few ideas and plans to make something that can be considered Red and Black, Zombie-ish, excessive usage of white chocolate, and something delish that probably will give out some ideas for Halloween..

Therefore, for the first day of participation I shall make you guys crave for chocolates like zombies running for braaaaaaaiiiinnnnssss!!!! Muahahaha!

if it's not redish-maroon enough, believe me the food dye really have a talent of making dissapointment :(
Honestly, these Zombified mini cake fudge didn't came into my mind until some epic fail happened while I was dipping my suppose-to be-cakepops in the melted chocolate (it was the saddest 5 seconds of my life T_T)..  My cakepops tend to break off from its stick so I've decided to turn the pops into these mini cakes and I randomly piped the melted white chocolate dyed in maroon to make them looked like squished bloody brains..  

There were lots of technical errors while doing this but I was happy with the outcome because I was so glad that most of friends and families who tried these had a good time..  Well, I can bet that nothing will taste good enough until you put Nutella in it -.-'' haha!

Now it's vlog time!  I managed to vlog the process of making these treats but I edited out the fail part, sorry no bloopers :(

My head was like ''ok think of something!!!'', so decided that;

with sticks = cakeops
no stick = mini cakes that look like fudge 

*sometimes cheater wins*

and I hope you guys enjoy my video :D

If you have any questions regarding the recipe, feel free to ask me :D

Have a nice day 

Thank you so much for reading and viewing

with love,


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Pixel Pixie said...

Nom! These would be great for a Halloween party.

Lesthis gothworld said...


Porcelain Doll said...

These cakes look so awesome that I want to go bake some for myself. And I wouldn't call them fail in any case, they look like they were supposed to be like that from the beginning :D

Lady Of Gothica said...

@Pixel Pixie yeaah! i was thinking to make more for halloween too :D

@Lesthis gothworld aww yeaaah!!! *bury face into chocolate*

@Porcelain Doll yeah i totally reccomend you guys to try is youself..freaking delish

Alexandriaweb said...

Those look really yummy! :D

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

These look strangely delicious. ;) Seriously, they look SO rich and gooey and I wish I could reach into my monitor and grab one!!

I need chocolate now. ;D

Caitlin said...

As long as their still tasty it's a success in my book!

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