Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY tinted lipbalm *tutorial*

Hello dear readers!  Today I'm posting photo tutorial on making tinted lip balm using petroleum jelly.  I'm sure you guys have already knew about this process a million years ago and I didn't really care to make one, but I had a sudden realization that I have chapped lips and my Rimmel lipstick is nearly towards its end, so why not I scoop off everything and make an everyday lip balm for myself...

And I followed the tutorial from this video I found on youtube..

And here we go..

You'll need:
1) Small containers (any shapes, preferably smaller the better)
2) Pertroleum jelly 
3) Old lipsticks
4) Hairdryer (use in melting process)
5) Scooping, scraping and cutting tools
6) toothpicks

Scoop a little portion of petroleum jelly and put into the container..  Here's the trick,   if you want a paler color just add an extra amount out petroleum jelly but for a darker and similar like how the original lipstick looks like, just add a little bit..
Cut a chunk of your lipstick and put into the container
Plug in your hairdryer and melt them all...  It took about 5-10 minutes to melt the lipstick, so to decrease the time, cut or mash the lipstick to small pieces...
As you can see the vaseline has already melted, so now start to stir the mixture together  and at the same time still use the hairdryer to continue melting the mixture
Since my container is kinda huge, so I scooped out everything from the lipstick slug (case) 
That's the extra amount of lipstick left from the slug so don't waste it...
Melting and stirring and melting and stirring...
And baaaammm!!!!

Then, I got bored and began to feel like a cosmetic engineer, so I made another one because trust me, i'm an engineer...hahahahahha ok that's not funny enough..sorry.

Vaseline, maroon lip gloss, vintage pink lipstick and a bit of plum (on the stick)
Again, baaaaammm!!!! The color had a slight change and I love it!
Therefore, I'll show you guys the end products

How it looks like from the bottom of the container
Also when I bought these containers, they're packed in plastic bags like this

I'm a happy bitch *tears*

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