Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rough (enjoyable) week


Doesn't it sync with something?

Yes it does because this semester we'll be doing 2 videos and the main one is for our Critical and Creative Thinking subject..  So this time we're shooting about excessive usage of drugs among youngsters and here are the teaser photos of our vid...  I wish I can upload the whole video just like the other 2 vids in Mandarin classes semesters ago but my friends are kinda shy to show their awesome talent on youtube :( but I'll try my best to convince them so that I can upload them for you guys to watch...

I can't stop being a dumbass --''

No make-up face for drug-eater scene

It's hard to look high..I can only show how sleepy I was


Getting caught by the police shot

Flippin' table bitches!!!

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