Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Life update 2: Chaos In Motion Showcase | External links for photos

The job tag that I'm so in love with.  
Thank you so much for who had made this real for me.
God bless!

So I was invited and recruited on that day to be one of the supporting media which all I gotta do it enjoy the show and do intense live feed updates on twitter non stop.  And also been proud until because my bros who were in 3 different bands performed on that day and I've never been so amazed by them.

There are a few shots that I had during that day.  My new phone really sucks, I was so pissed! urgh!

Me and the drummer of Murder band also one of my bloddbro.

Souncheck session

Lead singer of Murder, and I took this shot for his girlfriend who can't be there to watch his performance.

Reds from Escape From The Alcatraz

The big boss of the showcase.

My fav boots which still stand still after so many years and a few neglects.

Make up of the day!

More pictures of the showcase:

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