Monday, December 28, 2015

Busy as a bee.

I don't even know what to share with you guys about my life.

So, let's make a list of what's actually happening:

1) One of my good friends became a piece of shit and made us all clean up her shit.  I'm so annoyed and actually came to a sense that I had enough of her.  Leave me fucking alone.

2) Thinking to venture a business in fashion with my friend.  

3) I had a minor depression and it was terrifying.  I wet my bed <-- a="" and="" bed="" better.="" bullshit="" day="" deep="" depressing="" do="" emotions="" extent.="" fight="" fighting="" font="" getting="" god="" guess="" had="" hank="" have="" holding="" i="" in="" laundry="" lot="" m="" made="" mess="" my="" nbsp="" of="" onto="" other="" people="" realized="" so="" still="" sudden="" that="" the="" this.="" to="" until="" up="" was="" wet="" yup="">

4) Currently I'm facing my final exams and really hope to end this fast.  

So yeah...

That's what actually happening..

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