Monday, April 29, 2013

Vamp In Da House on Tumblr

This is weird but I finally make myself a tumblr, and I just reliazed it's basically a blog so I kinda waste 3 hours looking out for the best theme for my tumblr...hahahahaha yes sometime I didn't think of what I'm doing..

But since it is more like an interactive blog, so I'm gonna make my tumblr like a reference page of this this link that and baaaammm!!!  Redundancy of photography!

Follow my tumblr:

Btw, I've already uploaded two videos for the read and black week, hope you guys can wait until June where I'll finally publish it here,in my official blog and most probably in my tumblr too because I'm an attention whore...hahahahahahahah

Ok see ya soon!

Have a nice day :D


Ainoul Husna said...

Yeah , Akhirnya Kak Amirah dah ada Tumblr ^^

Lady Of Gothica said...

hahaha yeaaahhh..folow2 tau dik :D

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