Friday, May 3, 2013

As a goth, I sometimes need my cupcake moment too

Hey all! So I just bought 3 new colors for my nail polish collection..  I went to the cosmetics store few days ago and without thinking I just grab 3 of them

They were totally cheap, and as a poor me, I was damn happy!

Awww yeah!

From left: Opaque white, pearly pink and crazy glitter funky blue-purple

As you guys would know I don't really like pink but this pearly color is just a major exception..  It makes your nails look pinkish (duhh!) and healthy also act as the best natural base color..

Then I went crazy..

2 coats of white
2 coats of pink
2 coats of the chunky glitters

Aaaaand Baaam!

The ugliest cupcake nails ever!

Well, gimme a break I'm no professional, I just do stuff without thinking but I still love my nails though..  They looked kinda delish..

God damn it! Now I'm hungry

Accio Food!


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