Saturday, May 18, 2013

Play games they said, it's fun they said #Sims3

I had a sudden realization that I'm finally having this gamer brain effect..  I only play sims 3, and now I'm currently anti-social and never ever getting out of the house..  And the sad part is, even my sims has a better social life than mine -.-''

So this is how I shall explain my addiction;

Wanting some prove?

I'm a witch in the sims 3 supernatural and my hobby is burning the asses of zombies

It was the best time of my life 

If you look at the photo below (left), it's actually Ralph Lauren's dress that I've seen a long time ago...  My first thought was, ''this is a fucking awesome dress ever!''......

And I found one for my sims!


I can sense that you guys are like crazy to get that dress..

Here's the link for the sim's dress, thanks so much for this Meronin

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