Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Sims 3: How to remove re-spawning zombies?

Hi guys, this is just a short update…I know some of you have major problems with the zombies that keep respawning every 2 seconds eventhough it’s not yet in the full moon phase…so this is what i found out after doing some online research…

Step by step…

1) ctrl+shift+c
2) resetSim 
3) ctrl+shift+c
4) go to the mailbox and shift click at it
5) edit supernatural population
6) remove supernatural
7) click ZOMBIES!!!!!

Then you guys can play happily without the zombies having like a huge community meeting in front of your house gate —”

I don’t know why and how but the cheats works on my game so hopefully it’ll work out for you guys too!!!

Happy simming!!!

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