Thursday, May 16, 2013

My fruit tart recipe

Hello peeps!  Yesterday I made a simple non-baked fruit tart since I've bought like a bunch of kiwis, blueberries and strawberries..

So today, I'm gonna share my recipe to all of you :D 


The crust:
1) Marie biscuit crumbs
2) Strawberry oatmeal cookie crumbs
3) Brown sugar
4) Butter

I didn't have the exact measurement because different sizes of the pie tray need different amount of ingredient, so I suggest you guys to use 1:1 ratio for the mixture of the crumbs, 

for example;

1 cup of Marie crumbs : 1 cup of strawberry oatmeal crumbs

I prefer to use the brown sugar because it's flavor is better than the regular sugar so I suggest to add only 1/4 cup to the crumb mixture because we don't want the bottom to be sweet.  I've added the brown sugar only for flavoring purpose..

Wisk together the first 3 ingredients before adding up the butter

After getting tired of wisking (haha!), add the butter but not exceeding 1 stick of butter.  Since this is non bake tart, if you add too much butter the crust will be soggy and oily so I suggest to cut the butter into half first, mix together with the ingredients then add bit by bit until you get something like a cookie dough consistency...

After that, massage the dough for 5-10 minutes then put it in the pie tray and flatten it out according to the shape of the tray..

Pop it in the freezer to cool and harden...

The sauce:
1) 12-15 Strawberries
2) 1/4 cups of boiled water
3) Brown sugar

Ok for the strawberry sauce, I've used around 15 huge strawberries.  2/3 of them (plus the 1/4 cup of water) I've pureed in the food processor and the excess I've cut into small dice..

Heat up the pan and pour the strawberry puree and the diced strawberries together and let them boil.  I didn't measure the amount of brown sugar, just added them bit by bit to the sauce until you want the exact  sweetness..

Some strawberries are naturally sweet, so just add the amount of brown sugar that you need..

When the sauce is done, take of the crust from the freezer and pour in the sauce, spread them nicely, then put back in the freezer...

1) Blueberries
2) 1-2 golden kiwis
3) whip cream

Like in the picture, I only spread the whipped cream in the middle because I don't want the tart to be so creamy.. 

The fruits used are optional..  I've used blueberries because they are not that sour and not too sweet and the kiwis are not that sweet either, so it will balance the taste of the strawberry sauce

aaaannnnddd you're done!!!

So hope you guys like this tutorial, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask :D

Have a nice day and thanks for reading

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