Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY Wedding

Hey darls!!!  How are you sweets ?

I had a very hectic week.  My family member caused some tantrums that made me cancel my date and unleashed my demonic temper.  Yes even Lucifer would freak the fuck out to see me that day.  Enough of that.

So during Chinese New Year I went to my friend's brother's wedding with a plus one who's not one of my bestfriends.  What a woootttt!!!  I'm supposed to be the makeup artist for the mother and sisters of the groom but I had to cancel it because I had some errands to settle.  I felt so bad and apologized to the mother when I arrived at the venue.  But then the mother knows me so well, so she's fine.  hahaha.

Also I didn't wear that much makeup because I'm too lazy.  bahahaha.  Despite having to go out for a date after the reception but this bitch shall not let go of her lazyness bigtime.

Here's my shot with whoever's left hahaha.  Uncompleted bitches gang.

Again, fading lipstick is always an issue for me. 

Groom's sister.

The wedding alter scene.

Later that night, I drew a dragon henna tattoo on my wrist.  


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