Thursday, February 12, 2015

So I went a little overboard today...

More makeup haul for you guys today!!!

I was suppose to go out and buy a single thing that my friend asked for a long time ago.  Just suppose to get a bagpack for her, but then there's a majestic presence of Sephora and Inglot.  Also my heart did tell me to get NYX products and my brain had a sudden huge curiosity of Inglot products.  So I did go for an active reading of Inglot reviews done by fellow beauty bloggers and failed to control my makeup addiction.  Worth it bruhh!!!

Btw, as a customer & member, I'm fucked up with Sephora in my country.  I'm not sure whether this happens only in my area or the whole country but why the hell are you guys lacking of makeup brands.  I mean, before this I saw a lot of brands from cheaper to high end but NOW I can see only most of the high end brands.  I went there just now (also a week ago at diff, Sephora branch) and the NYX products are totally unrestocked.  I don't know whether there are delays of items shipping (that I can understand lah) or they are no more taking in stocks for NYX.  I was quite disappointed because I thought of going to another store in (Sunway Pyramid) just now hoping they have more products (more brands there too) but instead, so mehhh.  Hopefully they'll improve soon.  

After reading about Inglot, I just took my chances to visit the store.  All I can say is, the sales person are adorable in terms of customer servicing since;

a) they are professionally trained makeup expert, they know the best color for you (totally!)
b) they don't make you look stupid (since that was my first ever visit) 
c) very friendly. 

 I usually don't like it when the sales person tailgate me because they cause this stuffy psychological environment around you but the Inglot people are very warm and helpful.  Before this I felt intimidated since I thought Inglot is a store that sell expensive products but then I was wrong.  Their products are cheap (in terms of pricing and totally affordable.  They actually brand their products like that, looking expensive but instead totally the opposite!!!  

Like I said before, FRIENDLY AND AFFORDABLE.  


I think I'm turning into a CorpGoth -.-

Nowadays it's hardly to see me wearing stuff I used to wear during my baby bat days.  Only the makeup getting better haha.

Ok, I think I gotta go for now.  I will update my haul in part 2 of this entry.  I will add the down here.



What I got:

1) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bronze 620
2) NYX Matte Lipstick in Pure Red MLS08
3) Benefit Cha Cha Balm Hydrating Tinted Lipbalm
4) Inglot Freedom System Square Lipstick in 81 (red)
5) Inglot Freedom System Square Lipstick in 67 (nude)
6) Inglot Freedom System Case of 4

Extras I got few days back: 

7) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
8) Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 180 Sand Beige

And I got a lovely surprise from Makeup Revolution London (Malaysia)!!!

Remember the 3 entries is sent for their Revolution Competition?  Yeah, didn't win but they sent to all the ones that participate a lip gloss as a token of appreciation.  Happiness been pouring out since yesterday's evening, and tomorrow is my results day.  I'm gonna be sick -.- 

Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss in Baby Try (Hot Pink)

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