Sunday, February 1, 2015

3 simple DIY and decor ideas that won't burn your pocket.

Remember my DIY mason jar makeup brush holder project?  Ok I get bored with it because I only stuffed it with cotton pads that are used for wiping and removing makeups.  

So I went to Daiso and bought 2 tubes of decorative plastic crystals (each tube costs RM5)  

Pop them in the jar and bammm!!!!  

A more elegante brush holder.

Ok then now you're wondering what's going to happen with the cotton pads?  

Well, as a genius person (lol!) I used one of the tubes to stuff the cotton pads and also keep the makeup remover together in it.  Make sure you clean it first but I was too lazy to do it, so I just directly put them in. 

I still have excess crystals that can't fit in the jar, so I've cleaned them up with soap and rinse.  

Fill in again with clean water and soap, and baaammm!!!!  You just created your very own cheap and fabulous makeup brush cleaner/scrubber.

Don't worry, the crystals won't damage your brushes because the edges are not sharp and each crystals is huge.  Compared to sand or smaller aquarium stones, they will ruin your brushes and (micro-ly) rip off each strand.

To dry them, just put the tube upside down to drip off the excess water.

Hope you guys like it!!!!

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